Journal of the Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (JABEM) – V2N1  


Editorial – Special Issue on Culture and COVID — Luis J Camacho, Meena Rambocas & Moises Banks (pp. 1-2)


The moderating effects of age and gender on the relationship between culture and uncertainly avoidance: evidence from Europe and Asia — Peter Broeder (pp. 3-18)


The Wanderlust generation: determining factors on millennial consumers’ responses to travel advertisements — John Eric O. Estrellado, Jean Ailene M. Jimenez & Michael Pasco (pp. 19-30)


Corporate citizenship and organizational citizenship behavior: does Covid-19 affect the relationship? — Luis J. Camacho, Julio Ramirez & Cristian Salazar-Concha (pp. 31-44)


When do consumers perceive supermarket chains as good corporate citizens? Evidence from the Dominican Republic during Covid-19 — Luis J. Camacho, Meena Rambocas & Moises Banks (pp. 45-58)


Exploring how social media marketing influences small business performance amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago — Crystal Doughty & Meena Rambocas (pp. 59-72)


Book review — Michael Pasco (pp. 73-74)


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