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We are delighted to announce the publication of the June 2022 issue (volume 31, issue 3) of International Business Review.

The lead paper on “The paradox and change of Russian cultural values” is authored by Dina Chimenson, Rosalie Tung, Andrei Panibratov and Tony Fang. This is followed by three marketing papers focusing on outgroup favourability, online marketing capabilities, and commitment to luxury brands. Next are five papers on performance looking at the effects of networks, institutional support, IBR protection, intra-MNE learning, performance shortfalls and feedback. The following two papers focus on ambidexterity and the implications for performance and innovation. The issue concludes with three papers on potential determinants of firm internationalization strategies, and one on how internationalization impacts firms’ cash levels. Something of interest for everyone.

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Roger Strange & Fang Lee Cooke (IBR Editors-in-Chief)

IBR 31(3) Contents

The paradox and change of Russian cultural values<>
Dina Chimenson, Rosalie L. Tung, Andrei Panibratov, Tony Fang
Article 101944

Consumer dispositions: Meanings and non-meanings of outgroup favourability<>
Miriam Taís Salomão, Vivian Iara Strehlau, Susana C. Silva
Article 101943

The indirect effect of online marketing capabilities on the international performance of e-commerce SMEs<>
Daniel Tolstoy, Emilia Rovira Nordman, Uyen Vu
Article 101946

Desire, need, and obligation: Examining commitment to luxury brands in emerging markets<>
Jaywant Singh, Paurav Shukla, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch
Article 101947

International network formation, home market institutional support and post-entry performance of international new ventures<>
Francis Donbesuur, Nadia Zahoor, Nathaniel Boso
Article 101968

Intellectual property rights protection and total factor productivity<>
Zhongfeng Su, Chenfeng Wang, Mike W. Peng
Article 101956

Performance shortfalls and outward foreign direct investment by MNE subsidiaries: Evidence from China<>
Ziliang Deng, Tingting Li, Peter W. Liesch
Article 101952

Performance feedback and export intensity of Chinese private firms: Moderating roles of institution-related factors<>
Meitong Dong, Liwen Wang, Defeng Yang, Kevin Zheng Zhou
Article 101948

Learning from Older Siblings: Impact On Subsidiary Performance<>
Garima Garg, Mayank Sewak, Anurag Sharma
Article 101957

Strategic ambidexterity and its performance implications for emerging economies multinationals<>
Zaheer Khan, Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Yong Kyu Lew, Pushyarag Puthusserry, Michael Czinkota
Article 101762

International business, innovation and ambidexterity: A micro-foundational perspective<>
Yipeng Liu, Simon Collinson, Sir Cary Cooper, Daniela Baglieri
Article 101852

Dominant modes of economic coordination and varieties of firm internationalization support<>
Florian A.A. Becker-Ritterspach, Knut S.G. Lange, Matthew M.C. Allen
Article 101975

The role of firm-level and country-level antecedents in explaining emerging versus advanced economy multinationals' R&D internationalization strategies<>
Diemo Urbig, Vivien D. Procher, Philip J. Steinberg, Christine Volkmann
Article 101954

Outsidership, network positions and cooperation among internationalizing SMEs: An industry evolutionary perspective<>
Xander Ong, Susan Freeman, François Goxe, Simone Guercini, Brian Cooper
Article 101970

The impact of internationalization degree on cash levels: Evidence from Latin America<>
Aviner Augusto Silva Manoel, Marcelo Botelho da Costa Moraes
Article 101949


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