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We are delighted to announce the publication of the April 2022 issue (volume 31, issue 2) of International Business Review. This issue starts with four papers on various aspects of aspects of innovation. Next up are four papers on institutions, including two that query whether “emergingness” is an advantage or a liability? Then there are five papers concerned with the cross-border transfers of knowledge and/or practices. This strong collection finishes with two papers on the advantages of MNE subsidiaries in China and a comparative analysis of support for CSR initiatives in advanced and emerging markets. 


Please also note the submission deadlines [] for papers for the forthcoming Special Issues on MNE innovation for achieving the sustainable development goals (1 July 2022) and on Looking back to look forward: disruption, innovation and future trends in international human resource management (1 October 2022). 


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Roger Strange & Fang Lee Cooke (IBR Editors-in-Chief) 


New Issue: International Business Review

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Cover Image International Business Review

International Business Review

Volume 31, Issue 2 , April 2022

Editorial Board

Article Number 101982

A systematic review of the relationship between international diversification and innovation: A firm-level perspective

Article Number 101955

Jill Josefina Juergensen, Rajneesh Narula, Irina Surdu

Sources of knowledge and process innovation: The moderating role of perceived competitive intensity

Article Number 101920

Omid Aliasghar, Elizabeth L. Rose, Kazuhiro Asakawa

The effects of subsidiary’s leadership and entrepreneurship on international marketing knowledge transfer and new product development

Article Number 101928

Cátia Fernandes Crespo, Nuno Fernandes Crespo, Carla Curado

Manage the value and liability of offshoring innovation

Article Number 101923

Tung Min Hung, Farok Contractor, Yi-Ju Lo

Is there an advantage of emergingness? A politico-regulatory perspective

Article Number 101940

Mark R. Mallon, Orhun Guldiken, Mirko H. Benischke, Feng Dong, Trung Nguyen

Liability of emergingness and EMNEs’ cross-border acquisition completion: A legitimacy perspective

Article Number 101951

Jianhong Zhang

Engaging informal institutions through corporate political activity: Capabilities for subnational embeddedness in emerging economies

Article Number 101927

Charles Mbalyohere, Thomas C. Lawton

Determining investment size and local embeddedness under host market uncertainty and growth rates

Article Number 101945

Sangcheol Song

The choice of master international franchising – A modified transaction cost model

Article Number 101942

Maria Jell-Ojobor, Ilan Alon, Josef Windsperger

Facilitating factors in the cross-cultural transfer of management practices: The case of a German multinational in Brazil

Article Number 101921

Madeleine Bausch, Christoph Barmeyer, Ulrike Mayrhofer

Language and identity in the shadow: A multi-case study of a Japanese multinational corporation

Article Number 101913

Hitoshi Iwashita

Is it a sententious claim? An examination of the quality of occupational health, safety and well-being disclosures in global reporting initiative reports across industries and countries

Article Number 101922

Sugumar Mariappanadar, Iris Maurer, Robin Kramar, Michael Muller-Camen

Nationality biases in peer evaluations: The country-of-origin effect in global virtual teams

Article Number 101969

Ernesto Tavoletti, Robert D. Stephens, Vas Taras, Longzhu Dong

Contraction under minimum wages? Operational and financial advantages of multinational subsidiaries in China

Article Number 101936

Jing-Lin Duanmu, Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Jane Wenzhen Lu, Jeremy Clegg

Support for corporate social responsibility among generation Y consumers in advanced versus emerging markets

Article Number 101903

Michaela Luger, Katharina Maria Hofer, Arne Floh

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