Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new journal entitled *Culture
& Business <> (C&B)*, which will be
hosted by the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)
based in Brussels, Belgium. This publication will be an open-access
peer-reviewed journal and is scheduled to be released bi-annually.

It is our aim that *C&B* will offer a platform for interdisciplinary
quality papers that will examine and analyse the interactions between
culture and business, as well as their related policies. Too often these
two areas have been considered very much separate and even irrelevant to
one another. Such an approach though is misguided and in fact becomes
ill-equipped to understand the trends and changes that are brought on by
the digital age. It also overlooks potentially new ways toward
understanding further how cultural industries in emerging countries can
prosper and succeed on a global level.

While this journal takes on a broad view, *C&B* will focus on delivering
academic and/or practical contributions to further advance theories and
insights for culture and cultural industries in the real-world. In
particular, it is interested in the following topics: economic and business
theories in relation to culture as well as their practice, the development
of cultural industries, and new technologies in the cultural sphere.

We are looking for articles that will address these topics and can
introduce new areas for thought. If you are interested in contributing to
our journal, please visit the website (
for further information on how to submit an article.

Patrick Messerlin and Jimmyn Parc

Editors-in-chiefs, Culture & Business

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