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I am pleased to inform you that the paperback version of *Field Guide to
Intercultural Research* (Edward Elgar Publishing; ISBN: 978 1 78897 011 2;
392 pages) has been released:

The Field Guide is offering an international outlook and featuring insights
from across four continents, and is specifically designed to be used in the
field, guiding the reader away from pitfalls and towards best practice. It
shares valuable fieldwork challenges and experiences, as well as insights
into key methodological debates and practical recommendations relevant to
both new and seasoned researchers.

Editors: David Guttormsen, Jakob Lauring and Malcolm Chapman.

*Critical acclaim & Contents:*

‘The Field Guide to Intercultural Research is a fantastic compilation of
insights and experiences of intercultural scholars who have ‘walked the
talk’ when it comes to conducting field work in a global context. Filled
with many practical suggestions about the methodological choices and
tradeoffs incurred as well as the authors’ reflections about their own
lived experiences as intercultural researchers, this book is a valuable
resource for anyone, from the novice to the expert, who aims to embark on
intercultural field research. Reading the stories of those who contributed
to this book is both motivational and instructive, so be sure to pack this
book in your bag for your intercultural research journey!’ – Margaret
Shaffer, University of Oklahoma, US

‘This comprehensive edited volume brings together first-hand experiences of
fieldwork undertaken by an international community of scholars. Grounded in
the tradition of anthropology, the authors show the beauty - as well as the
complexity – of translating cultural meanings across contexts and
audiences. The book provides a captive read to scholars, who undertake
intercultural research themselves or who serve as supervisors of such
research. I can wholeheartedly recommend this field guide.’ – Rebecca
Piekkari, Aalto University, Finland

‘The Field Guide to Intercultural Research contains a plethora of
practical, insightful, and wise advice gleaned from scholars who have spent
their careers engaged in intercultural research projects. The book is an
important contribution to the field and will greatly benefit doctoral
students, fledgling scholars, and experienced intercultural scholars
alike.’ – Mark E. Mendenhall, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, US
*** *** ***
Preface: some musings on fieldwork in a business context xxiv
Malcolm Chapman
1 Introduction: following the researchers into the field 1
David S. A. Guttormsen, Jakob Lauring and Malcolm Chapman

2 Using grounded theory in an African business context 14
W. Travis Selmier II and Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi
3 Intercultural survey research: challenges and suggested solutions 29
Anne-Wil Harzing, B. Sebastian Reiche and Markus Pudelko
4 Interviewing global elites 41
William S. Harvey
5 Survey-based research in remote Indigenous communities: considerations
for methods 54
Indigo Holcombe-James and Ellie Rennie
6 Methodological reflections on researching ethnic business in Southern
Europe: experiences from the field 68
Gunhild Odden
7 Overcoming challenges in intercultural interviewing: the role of
intercultural training for early-career researchers 81
Ritam Garg and Petra Poljsak-Rosinski
8 Coding intercultural fieldwork data: a hands-on approach 93
Mai Skjøtt Linneberg and Steffen Korsgaard
9 Some practical advice on collecting qualitative data: outline of a
fieldwork process 106
Jakob Lauring and Charlotte Jonasson
10 Unlocking the affordances of digital technology in qualitative research
Marta Jackowska

11 Reflections on an intercultural (research) life 135
Bruce W. Stening
12 Doing field work in culturally hybrid locations 147
Mette Zølner
13 Researching religion in organizations: key issues and strategies 157
Christopher Richardson
14 Operationalizing ‘culture’ when conducting cross-cultural fieldwork: the
case of Germany and South Africa 166
Badri Zolfaghari
15 Academic disciplines have cultures, too: intercultural challenges for
interdisciplinary researchers in the field 178
David S. A. Guttormsen, Petra Poljsak-Rosinski, Htwe Htwe Thein, Trifon
Pavkov, Katarina Brkovic and Michael Gillan
16 Dilemmas with multiple social identities in the field of international
development 193
Masumi Owa
17 Strategies to survive on foreign turf: experience sharing and
reflections from two apparent aliens in the field 204
Annelise Ly and Ingrid Onarheim Spjeldnæs
18 ‘Inside-out’: race, role and relations in intercultural fieldwork 216
Charlotte Jonasson, Jakob Lauring and David S. A. Guttormsen
19 Intercultural challenges of ‘rapport’ in French–German organizational
field research – insights from a binational research tandem 229
Christoph Barmeyer and Eric Davoine

20 Cultural considerations and qualitative research within an African
context 243
Nomusa Benita Mazonde
21 Navigating the realities of intercultural research in Sub-Saharan
Africa: insights from Nigeria 255
Adebukola E. Oyewunmi, Stephen I. Ukenna and Ebes Esho
22 The challenges of conducting field studies in China 269
Anna Shostya, Moshe Banai and Joseph C. Morreale
23 Challenges and promoters during international fieldwork in Lebanon 287
Hana Abdo, Amélie Artis and Anne Bartel-Radic
24 Intersectional challenges of conducting qualitative research in the
Middle East 295
Maranda Ridgway and Fiona Robson
25 Crossing borders, traversing cultures and mediating identities: a
reflection on fieldwork conducted in the Arab Gulf 310
Sarina Theys
26 Doing qualitative field research in Vietnam 321
Thi My Hanh Huynh and Anne Bartel-Radic
27 Investigating the worldview of professionals: reflections on the
challenges of researching in the Thai culture 329
Astrid Kainzbauer and Brian Hunt
Afterword 340
Fiona Moore

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