Dear colleagues,
Please note that the submission deadline for the JIBP SI on "Populist Politics and International Business Policy" is approaching. You can submit your work to the SI until March 15, 2022. Please see the detailed Call for Papers here: Submissions work through the JIBP submission system: We encourage submissions covering the topics outlined in the SI Call for Papers, which include but are not limited to:

  *   What institutions empower or constrain populist policies and politics relevant to MNE operations?
  *   How are the varieties of host-country populism across the partisan political spectrum relevant for MNE decisions about whether and how to invest there?
  *   How do populist policies in developing and developed countries differ in ways that matter for MNEs?
  *   How does populism spill across national or even regional borders that affect IB policies relevant to MNEs?
  *   Which international institutions relevant to MNEs are more resilient to populist political influences?
  *   How do varieties of populism affect different forms of foreign investment carried out by MNEs, e.g. project finance-based investment, public-private partnership-based investment, state-owned enterprise-based investment?
  *   What firm-level elements influence MNE exposure to host-country populist politics, e.g. partial state-ownership, operation in a national security industry, operation in a technology- intensive industry, operation in highly-regulated industry, operation in an industry dominated by economically- or socially-defined elites?

  *   How does populism influence MNEs internationalization via licensing and franchising?

  *   When might populist shifts in host -country politics benefit MNEs, and actually decrease their "liability of foreignness"?
  *   How might populist policies in an MNE's home country change important intra-organizational strategies and structure s, e.g. subsidiary-headquarters relationships, expat movements between subsidiaries, MNE accounting practices?
  *   What types of non-market strategies do MNEs use to counter host-country populist shifts, e.g. host-country political connections, philanthropic donations?
You can also find a selection of related topics in the proceedings of a small conference we held in preparation for the Special Issue:
Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the SI.
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