Call for Proposals: JIBS Special Issues and Review Articles


JIBS Special Issues address under-researched or controversial topics, and
new emerging themes in international business. Special Issues should
encourage new streams of insightful and influential research, in line with
the JIBS Statement of Editorial Policy. The JIBS Editors welcome in
particular Special Issue proposals that connect mainstream research
performed within the AIB community and streams of research on international
business issues developed in related disciplines, and where these strands of
research have so far been developed largely independently of one another.
The team of Guest Editors for a Special Issue will typically include at
least one JIBS Editor, but there is no requirement to include a JIBS Editor
in any initial Special Issue proposal. There are typically two JIBS Special
Issues published each year.


JIBS also invites proposals for Review Articles. A Review Article should
include a compelling summary of the state-of-the-art in a well-researched
subject area within the international business field. In addition, it should
explore the links, both explicit and implicit ones, between this subject
area and complementary research streams in related disciplines: here, it
should demonstrate the value of cross-fertilization of ideas from
international business and from these complementary research streams, and it
should establish an agenda for future research. The team of authors of a
Review Paper should ideally include a recognized scholar from another
discipline than international business. A JIBS Editor will be actively
involved in providing feedback to the authors at an early stage, after
proposal acceptance. First drafts of Review Articles will be subjected to a
double blind review process, but the reviewers will be informed that the
submitted manuscript results from a Review Article proposal that has been
accepted by the Editors. The expectation is that manuscripts should go
through only one round of revisions.


All proposals for Special Issues and Review Articles should be submitted by
June 1, 2022, to the JIBS Managing Editor,
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> Ms. Anne Hoekman ([log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> ). With the upcoming transition in
editorial teams on January 1, 2023, this year's special issue proposals will
be evaluated by both the current team under Editor-in-Chief Alain Verbeke
and the incoming team under EIC-Elect Rosalie Tung. This year's Review
Article proposals will be evaluated by EIC-Elect Rosalie Tung's team, as the
submission deadline for full papers will be after her term as EIC begins.


A proposal should be approximately 3 pages long, excluding references and
bios or CVs, which can be added in an appendix to the proposal.


For an overview of previously published Review Articles, see;
prospective authors can also download an FAQ document about JIBS review
articles here:


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