The Inaugural AIB Sustainability Shared Interest Group 

PhD and Early Career Researchers Symposium


Aims of the symposium

Sustainability has recently become a top priority for international business (IB) practitioners and researchers alike. In 2021 alone, the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), for example, has published articles on corporate social responsibility (e.g., Brandl et al., 2021), the sharing economy (e.g., Kozlenkova et al., 2021), the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (e.g., Montiel et al., 2021), renewable energy (e.g., Georgallis, Albino-Pimentel, & Kondratenko, 2021; Hartmann, Inkpen, & Ramaswamy, 2021), carbon pricing for MNEs (e.g., Nippa, Patnaik, & Taussig, 2021), and sustainability in emerging markets (e.g., Parente et al., 2021). In the same year, JIBS has called for paper submissions to a Special Issue on “The Global Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility”. This wide range of topics, the cross-disciplinary nature, and linkages to generic topics of IB research have finally found a home in the Sustainability Shared Interest Group (SIG) of the Academy of International Business (AIB).

Since its official launch in 2020, the AIB Sustainability SIG has concentrated its efforts in providing a platform for IB researchers. While the sustainability topic is relevant and appealing to researchers of all academic standing, there is a particularly heightened interest among PhD and early career researchers. The Sustainability SIG would thus like to organize the first ever symposium for current PhD and early career (within 3 years) researchers to provide a platform for discussion, exchange, and feedback for the doctoral student community interested in sustainability and IB.

We thus invite abstract submissions for the first AIB sustainability SIG doctoral symposium. The event includes (1) a panel discussion with Q&A, (2) a breakout room session for participants who are grouped based on topic relevance to share and discuss their research. The event will take place on 13 December, 8am-10am, Eastern Standard Time. The event will be online and free of charge to current AIB members.

To take part in the AIB sustainability SIG symposium, please submit an extended Abstract (maximum 500 words, excluding references) of your current research project focused on sustainability, by 5 December 2021. Topics can fall into research fields such as the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals in IB, sustainability in emerging economics, circular and sharing economy, sustainability issues related to innovation, and the global value chain as well as other topics on sustainability in international business research. Abstracts should be submitted to [log in to unmask]

Notifications for participation will be sent out by 8 December, 2021. The symposium will take place virtually. Questions can be directed to Martin Heinberg ([log in to unmask]), Hai-Tao Yu ([log in to unmask]), and Shasha Zhao ([log in to unmask]).

Confirmed Speakers for Panel Discussion

·       Maoliang BuNanjing University, China

Maoliang Bu is currently an Associate Professor at Nanjing University and Visiting Professor at Ivey Business School. He has published in leading academic journals, among others, NATURE Sustainability, Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), Strategic Management Journal (SMJ) and Journal of Comparative Economics. He has served as an editor for Journal of Business Ethics, Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM), Journal of International Management (JIM), and other journals. Dr. Bu is also an Adjunct Professor at Hopkins-Nanjing Center (Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies), and an affiliated researcher at Copenhagen Business School. Previously, he has worked as a postdoc/visiting professor at several universities such as University of Goettingen, University of Wuerzburg, University of Gothenburg and University of Groningen. He has been awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

·       Elizabeth M. Moore, Northeastern University, United States

Elizabeth Moore recently finished her PhD in Political Science. Her research and teaching interests include formal and informal entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, institutional changes, institutional disruptions, transnational institutions, pro-market reforms, firm performance, firm resilience, emerging market firms, and international organizations. Recently, she has analyzed the connection between firms and governments in responding to natural and man-made disasters. She has begun exploring this research stream through her affiliations with both the Global Resilience Institute and the Center for Emerging Markets at Northeastern. Additionally, she is an active member of the Academy of Management, the Academy of International Business, the Strategic Management Society, the International Studies Association, and the CUIBE Case Competition hosted by Northeastern for which she is a Co-Director.

·       Anne JacqueminetBocconi University, Italy

Anne Jacqueminet is Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and Technology of Bocconi University. She received her PhD in Strategic Management from HEC Paris. Her research looks at the antecedents, processes and consequences of the strategic implementation of sustainability practices within complex organizations as well as stakeholders' reactions to firms' environmental behavior and disclosure. Her work has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, the Journal of International Business Studies, and Advances in Strategic Management, among others. She received the AIB Peter Buckley and Mark Casson Best Dissertation Award in 2016 and the AIB Alan Rugman Young Scholar Award in 2021. Anne is Board Member of the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS). She is responsible for Bocconi's Bachelor Business Strategy course as well as the PhD course on CSR Strategies.

·       Junghoon ParkCity University of New York, United States

Junghoon Park is a PhD candidate in Strategy and Corporate Sustainability at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York. His goal is to help business identify and adopt practices that meet its needs while mitigating negative externalities and increasing positive externalities to sustain the planet that sustains humans. Junghoon investigates mechanisms through which firms respond differently to grand challenges society faces—such as climate change and human health—and how they can better manage their social and environmental impacts. He also examines how corporate sustainability strategies can advance progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. His research has appeared in Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) and leading global academic conferences.


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