'Cleaner & Responsible Consumption' ( A SCOPUS Indexed Journal) *Special
Issue on Social Circular Consumption- Exploring the Role of Bottom of the

Socially sustainable consumption has evolved into new dimensions in recent
times, such as informed consumption, glocal consumption, ethical
consumption, and circular economy (Severino-Gonzalez., 2021). Within the
circular economy domain, only 20 percent of works focus on circular
consumption (Kirchherr et al., 2017). Further, Camacho-Otero et al. (2018)
found that most research has explored the enablers and barriers to circular
consumption through their review exercise.

Only a handful of research papers dealt with user or consumer perspectives
on designing circular products, and even lesser literature has linked it
with social aspects/benefits of consumption. Most literature considers
factors such as education, life expectancy, healthcare, equitable wealth
distribution, and happiness index within the social dimension.

A circular system is another way of engaging customers to donate or
exchange their products with retail or factory outlets. Customers may
reduce apprehension about the use of second-hand products. Also, they are
willing to pay a premium for green products, and the purchase decision more
often depends on their environmental and social values ( Nicolau et al.,

The literature lacks deliberations on social inclusion and behavioral
patterns from a consumption perspective in the backdrop of social and
economic disparity and responsible investments towards capturing value for
products at different stages.

This special issue calls for critical reviews, empirical studies, cases,
commentaries, and theoretical contributions in the domain of circular
social consumption in the context of emerging nations.


Submission deadline: 31 December 2021

Acceptance deadline: 30 June 2022

*Submission Instruction*

The special issue will be set up in Editorial Manager (EM). Please
choose “*VSI:
Social Circular Economy*” from the “Article Type Name” dropdown menu when
submitting your manuscripts. The submission deadline is *December 31, 2021*.

*Guest Editor*

Sonali Bhattacharya
Symbiosis International University
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Dr. Raji Ajwani-Ramchandani
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
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Dr. Shishir Kumar Jha
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
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Dr. Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour
University of Lincoln
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Dr. V.G. Venkatesh
EM Normandie Business School, METIS Lab, France.
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