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We are happy to present the first AIB-LAC Fall 2021 Outstanding talk by Dr.
Juan Velez-Ocampo, "Latin American Jaguar Firms", which will take
place on *Tuesday
21 September 2021 at  14:00 - 15:00 UTC -5 (Lima, México, Bogotá)*

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*About the author:*

Juan Velez-Ocampo is Assistant Professor of Management and Academic
Coordinator for the MBA program at Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia. He
also serves as Colombia’s Country Director at the Academy of International
Business Latin America and the Caribbean (AIB-LAC) and Vice-President of
Promotion of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management. His research and
teaching interests include the impact of globalization in emerging
economies, the international expansion and performance of multinational
enterprises from emerging economies, and the interlinks between
internationalization and corporate reputation. His research has been
published in journals such as the Journal of Knowledge Management, European
Business Review, European Management Review, Cross Cultural and Strategic
Management, and Management and Organization Review.

In this talk, Juan will discuss the characteristics observed in a set of
Latin American firms in pre-FDI stages regarding their international
expansion and reputation-building mechanisms. These firms resemble the
behavior of Jaguars, the Latin American wild cats.

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