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Journal of Global Mobility

Table of Contents: Volume 9, Issue 3:

Editorial: Introducing our new Expert Review Series<>

Yvonne Kallane (McNulty), Anthony Fee

Two decades of research into SIEs and what do we know? A systematic review of the most influential literature and a proposed research agenda<>

Chris Brewster, Vesa Suutari, Marie-France Waxin

Expatriate adjustment over time among foreign service employees: the role of cross-cultural experience<>

Sophia Grill, Matthias Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge, Herbert Fliege, Heiko Rüger

No room at the top? A system dynamics view of the recursive consequences of women's underrepresentation in international assignments<>

Maria Bastida, Luisa Helena Helena Ferreira Pinto, Anne-Wil Harzing

An examination of the influence of business environments on the attraction of globally mobile self-initiated expatriates<>

Jason Ryan, Sari Silvanto

An identity conflict perspective on female expatriate work adjustment<>

Lu Yu, Hong Ren

International business travelers' job exhaustion: effects of travel days spent in short-haul and long-haul destinations and the moderating role of leader-member exchange<> (open access)

Liisa Mäkelä, Jussi Tanskanen, Hilpi Kangas, Milla Heikkilä

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New Article:  Stoermer, S., Lauring, J., & Selmer, J. (2020), “The Effects of Positive Affectivity on Expatriate Creativity and Perceived Performance: What is the Role of Perceived Cultural Novelty?”, International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Download<>
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