Competitiveness of High-tech Start-ups and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

A Special Issue of Papers Proposed for Publication in

International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness (JGBC)

Special Issue Guest Editors:

    Consulting Editor:

    M H Bala Subrahmanya, Department of Management Studies, Indian
Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

    Guest Editors:

    Gita Surie, Department of Management, Robert B. Willumstad School of
Business, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, USA

    Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada, Southampton Business School, University of
Southampton, Southampton, UK

    Hiro Izushi, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

    Deepak Chandrashekar, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore,
Bangalore, India

SI Very Brief Background

Technology-based entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystems that
nurture the same are now recognized as important aspects that help in
shaping the firm-level competitiveness and the national competitiveness
respectively of the regions and countries.  The processes of value
creation and value capture are enabled by high-tech start-ups that
assemble and deploy skilled knowledge workers integrating diverse forms of
scientific and knowledge assets to create new products and services
(Bailetti, 2012). The positive externalities created due to the emergence
and growth of high-tech start-ups in any given region enables innovation,
creation of jobs leading to economic development (Kirchhoff and Spencer,
2008; Krishna, 2019). High-tech start-ups and firms also enable generation
of intellectual property (IP) which potentially contributes to firmsí
innovation and economic performance.  The recent spurt of external VC
investments in Indian high-tech start-ups leading to emergence of more
than a dozen unicorns (start-ups that are valued at USD 1 billion and
above) from India in just the first quarter of 2021 is testimony to the
increased attention that this emergent field has obtained from a variety
of stakeholders.

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