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Journal of International Business Policy, founded 2018 as the policy-oriented sister journal of JIBS,  is inviting extended abstracts for a special issue on Multinational Corporations and their Strategies in Africa: Prospects, Problems, and Paradoxes.

MNCs in Africa often need to adapt to the specifics of African markets and institutional contexts. What processes, mechanisms explain how MNCs respond to infrastructural and institutional challenges more or less effectively?  How might answers to these questions differ in Africa compared to other regions of the world?

How they engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate political activity (CPA) are likely part of those processes. CSR relates to how broadly and deeply MNCs recognize obligations beyond the private profits demanded by their owners, while CPA seeks to understand how MNCs attempt to meet those obligations when they include host-country governments as counter-parties.

The proposed special issue (see attached for more details) will proceed in two phases. We invite extended abstracts for September 15 - about a month from now.  These abstracts should be no longer than 7 pages, including references and diagrams. Contributors will get quick feedback. If an abstract has been selected, it will receive editorial feedback and guidance to ensure a fit with the journal and special issue. Papers will be due May 15, 2022.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact any of the editors:

  *   Ken Amaeshi, University of Edinburgh Business School ([log in to unmask])
  *   Helena Barnard, GIBS, University of Pretoria ([log in to unmask])
  *   Paul Vaaler, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota ([log in to unmask])
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