Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to share with you the following PDW on methods involving text analytics applied to management research at AOM:

Leveraging Text Data to Answer Old and New Questions in Innovation Research

Saturday July 31st

2PM-4pm EDT



Natalie Carlson, University of Pennsylvania

Jorge Guzman, Columbia University

Tim Hannigan, University of Alberta

Jeff Kuhn, University of North Carolina

Arianna Marchetti, London Business School

Astrid Marinoni, Georgia Institute of Technology



Andrea Contigiani, Ohio State University

Do Yoon Kim, Boston College

Mike Teodorescu, Boston College


The literature in management and other social sciences has increasingly been leveraging text analysis techniques to revisit old research questions and explore novel ones. The emergence of these techniques has allowed researchers to exploit a variety of new vast data sources, such as firms' filings, product descriptions, customer reviews, news, patent text, social media, and more. This paradigm change may be particularly impactful in the context of research in innovation, where data availability is traditionally scarce.


The purpose of this PDW is to discuss the main text analysis techniques and illustrate some of their most promising applications in the context of innovation research. We are joined by a group of scholars who are pioneering these techniques to explore the various facets of this emerging class of methodologies in the context of innovation research.


This interactive PDW includes four parts: 1) a list of short presentations by the speakers, 2) a Q&A session moderated by the organizers, 3) a series of breakout-room conversations where each speaker discusses their core technique and explores potential applications with interested participants, and 4) a wrap-up discussion where groups share the main insights from their conversations and collectively brainstorm future research directions.

Please register via the AOM registration site if you're interested in the workshop.

With my very best,

Mike (co-organizer)


Dr. Mike Teodorescu
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