Call for Papers: Multinational Corporations and their Strategies in Africa: Prospects, Problems, and Paradoxes 

Special Issue Journal of International Business Policy

SI deadline for proposal submissions:  September 15, 2021
SI deadline for submission of completed articles: May 1, 2022
MNCs both respond to and (re-)create infrastructure and institutions, particularly when interacting with host-country governments in less developed countries. But how do MNCs do it?  What processes, mechanisms explain how MNCs respond to infrastructural and institutional challenges more or less effectively?  How might answers to these questions differ in the Africa context?  IB research on these questions is largely missing, perhaps because answers require deep awareness of not just IB but also the institutional specificities of Africa.  Scholars and journals working across those two fields are rare, but JIBP and its contributing authors fit that description and are more likely to advance research providing insightful answers.  

Our SI aims to publish papers contributing new and novel theories and evidence about how MNCs strategically respond to infrastructure and institutions in Africa. JIBP’s goal of contributing IB research with substantial public policy implications means we are particularly interested in publishing papers contributing such theory and evidence related to MNCs and public constituencies in Africa, including governments in African polities and other non-governmental organizations in Africa’s diverse civil society.

Suggested research questions include:
  • How do MNCs assess investment opportunities?
  • How do (MN)CSR and (MN)CPA capabilities matter in Africa?
  • How do MNCs engage African host-country governments as investment project regulators and/or co-investors?
  • Which types of supporting infrastructure investments are MNCs active in Africa more or less inclines to make as part of investment projects?  How do host-country governments encourage or deter those supporting infrastructure investments?
  • Is there a political business cycle (PBC) in investments made by MNCs in emerging (and re-emerging) African democracies?  If so, do opportunistic or partisan PBC considerations dominate?
  • When and how do host-country governments in Africa rely on MNCs for guidance and advice on economic policy or other public policies? What characterizes those interactions?
  • How do MNCs manage non-governmental stakeholders when making investments with public goods characteristics in Africa?
We welcome proposals from researchers in IB, general management, and other fields including but not limited to economics, political science, sociology, law, geography, development studies, public policy, and international relations. We especially welcome proposals bridging theses disciplines. We welcome proposals primarily aimed at theory development and/or empirical investigation of theoretically-grounded research questions.


The SI proceeds in two phases.  

In Phase 1 (deadline: September 15, 2021), the guest editors review and provide feedback on all submitted proposals. Contributors with proposals likely to contribute to SI aims would then be invited to contribute a full paper for further review.  These invitations provide no guarantee of publication.

In Phase 2 (deadline: May 1, 2022), full papers will be sent out for outside peer review.  

Proposals should be written in English and not exceed a total of seven (7) pages and 4000 words – five (5) pages for the body, which includes any charts, graphs, diagrams, and up to two (2) pages of references. The 4000-word count includes all text in the charts, graphs, diagrams, and references.

SI Guest Editors

If you have any queries, please feel free to connect with the three guest editors. 
Please see attached for more information. 

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