The Commonwealth Research Network on International Business invites the IB community to meet with policy-makers from across the 54 Commonwealth countries <>  at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Virtual Conference: The 4th Industrial Revolution 5-9 July 2021. Attendance is free and open to all.

The Conference will imagine how the '4th Industrial Revolution' might impact upon the lives of current and future generations within and across the Commonwealth and importantly, how will parliamentarians and parliaments stay ahead of the curve?

Will technological advancements provide viable solutions to current challenges, from ending global poverty, climate change and meeting the SDGs, to preventing future global pandemics? The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for those in power to play closer attention to scientists, researchers, statisticians and innovators.

The sessions at the Conference will also encourage and advocate for parliaments to embrace innovation and change rather than being limited to acting as bastions of tradition and history. Parliaments will need to legislate, regulate and scrutinise complex and advanced technical changes in years to come, from the use of bioengineering to artificial intelligence as well as ensuring greater access to science and technology specialists.

The Conference will invite parliamentarians and parliamentary staff to join with industry leaders, innovators, experts and academics from the private, public and third sector to discuss emerging trends in technology and their potential impact on our society.

The CPA Virtual Conference on the 4th Industrial Revolution will take place on Zoom across five days from 5 - 9 July.

Each day of the Conference has a different theme and will feature multiple sessions, including:

  *   Panel discussions
  *   Showcases
  *   Roundtables
  *   1-to-1 Dialogues
  *   Explainers
  *   Q+As
  *   The timings for each day vary to cater for the different time zones across the nine CPA regions.

To attend the Conference, you need to register on Zoom. You will then be sent a personalised link to attend.

You must register separately for each day of the Conference that you wish to attend. Each day has a separate Zoom link, which will function for all sessions during that day.

In the Conference Programme section via the link below, there is a separate tab for each day of the Conference containing topics, timings and a link to register for that day.

You can attend as many days of the Conference as you would like - just remember to register for each day individually.

You are encouraged to register asap as places are limited.

Conference Programme
The five themes for the conference are:

Day 1: What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? | Click to register<>
Day 2: The 4th Industrial Revolution and Environmental Stewardship | Click to register<>
Day 3: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Algorithms | Click to register<>
Day 4: Big Data and Blockchain | Click to register<>
Day 5: Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things | Click to register<>

Click on each tab via the link below in More Information to find full details including timings, session highlights and speakers.

If you wish to attend multiple days, complete a separate form for each day, using the specific link for that day.

If you would like this information in PDF format, download the flyer.<>

Each day of the Conference will complement the other days to provide a full overview of the emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution. You are welcome to join as many sessions as possible.

REMINDER: You must register separately for each day of the conference using the Zoom registration links provided both above or in the various tabs via the link below.



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