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We are delighted to announce the publication of the latest issue (volume 30, issue 4) of International Business Review. The issue contains a Special Section on “Emerging economy firms and institutional evolution”, guest edited by Xiaohui Liu, Annie Wei, Agnieszka Chidlow & Jue Wang. The Section contains eight insightful articles on this vital contemporary topic. In addition, the issue contains seven excellent regular articles on institutional logics; business network attributes; the dark side of Sino-UK business relationships; communication tools in the SME B2B sales process; IT use in international customer-supplier relationships; spiritual brands; and FDI & entrepreneurship. Please read and enjoy.

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New Issue: International Business Review

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International Business Review<>

Volume 30, Issue 4 , August 2021 <>

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Article Number 101879

Special Section on Emerging economy firms and institutional evolution; Guest edited by Xiaohui Liu,Annie Wei,Agnieszka Chidlow,Jue Wang
A co-evolution perspective of EMNE internationalization and institutions: An integrative framework of 5Cs<>

Article Number 101843

Agnieszka Chidlow, Jue Wang, Xiaohui Liu, Yingqi Wei

Co-evolution of emerging economy MNEs and institutions: A literature review<>

Article Number 101828

Xiaming Liu, Na Yang, Linjie Li, Yuanyuan Liu

Resource curse impacts on the co-evolution of emerging economy institutions and firm internationalization<>

Article Number 101753

Charles Funk, Len J. Treviño, Juliet Oriaifo

Coevolution of home country support and internationalization of emerging market firms<>

Article Number 101809

Chui Shiam Chan, Chinmay Pattnaik

A South-South perspective on emerging economy companies and institutional coevolution: An empirical study of Chinese multinationals in Africa<>

Article Number 101704

Dominique Mazé, Claude Chailan

Does foreign direct investment promote institutional development in Africa?<>

Article Number 101835

Roger Mongong Fon, Fragkiskos Filippaios, Carmen Stoian, Soo Hee Lee

Risk management, legitimacy, and the overseas subsidiary performance of emerging market MNEs<>

Article Number 101732

Xia Han

Portfolio characteristics of outward foreign direct investment and dynamic performance of emerging economy firms: An option portfolio perspective<>

Article Number 101750

Yuanyuan Huang, En Xie, Zhan Wu

Regular Articles
Individual responses to competing institutional logics in emerging markets<>

Article Number 101778

Dana Minbaeva, Maral Muratbekova-Touron, Dilek Zamantılı Nayır, Solon Moreira

The impact of home business network attributes on Chinese outward foreign direct investment<>

Article Number 101779

Du Jian, Xu Yue, Hinrich Voss, Wang Song

Rethinking guanxi and performance: Understanding the dark side of Sino–U.S. business relationships<>

Article Number 101775

Ibrahim Abosag, Dorothy Ai-wan Yen, Bradley R. Barnes, Eman Gadalla

The integrated use of social media, digital, and traditional communication tools in the B2B sales process of international SMEs<>

Article Number 101776

Sara Fraccastoro, Mika Gabrielsson, Ellen Bolman Pullins

Pattern of information technology use and relationship learning in international customer-supplier relationships<>

Article Number 101815

Ruey Jer Bryan Jean, Daekwan Kim, Kyuyeong Choi

The growing popularity of spiritual brands: What drives purchase intent?<>

Article Number 101777

Deepak Sardana, Erin Cavusgil, Narain Gupta

Foreign direct investment and entrepreneurship: Does the role of institutions matter?<>

Article Number 101774

Ly Slesman, Yazid Abdullahi Abubakar, Jay Mitra

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