Special Session GeoInno2022 

MNEs and green innovation  

organized by Vito Amendolagine, Ulrich Hansen, Rasmus Lema and Roberta Rabellotti at the 6th Geography of Innovation Conference (January 26-28 2022 in Milan). 

Call for papers is now open: deadline 5th of September

Technologies to mitigate climate change may diffuse from green lead markets to the rest of the world through a number of market mechanisms, thereby contributing importantly to the global green transformation. An established body of literature has shown that multinational enterprises (MNEs) transfer technology globally through investment-centered value chains, as firms seek to exploit knowledge in foreign subsidiaries. The Global Value Chain (GVC) literature proposes that lead firms tend to keep strategic innovation activities in headquarters located in lead-markets and only distribute the non-strategic innovation activities. In other words, cutting-edge innovation capability tends to remain in home countries, whereas only incremental innovation occurs in host country subsidiaries. 

The section welcomes contributions about:

·      Green Foreign Direct Investments

·      Sustainability in Global Value Chains

·      Sustainability in MNEs strategies

·      The role of GVC in promoting green innovation

·      Green innovation in MNEs

Free download before July 22nd Amendolagine, V., Lema, R., & Rabellotti, R. (2021). Green foreign direct investments and the deepening of capabilities for sustainable innovation in multinationals: Insights from renewable energy. Journal of Cleaner Production310, 127381.

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