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The Japan Academy of Multinational Enterprises is delighted to announce
that Volume 7 (2021), Issue 1 of *Japan MNE Insights* is now available
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This issue includes two special essays, and we would like to share the
summary of the essays with you.

Elizabeth L. Rose, “Research on Japanese Business: From the Outside,
Looking in.”

While the specificity of the Japanese business environment is widely
acknowledged, I argue that Japan represents a remarkable context in which
to study a great many theoretically interesting and globally applicable
phenomena related to the management of MNEs. Many of these issues have
particular relevance for our understanding of emerging-market MNEs (EMNEs).
For example, business group-embedded Japanese firms undertook rapid
international expansion during the later 20th century, offering parallels
to the more recent internationalization of EMNEs from China, India, and
Latin America. More broadly, the Japanese context presents some fairly
extreme configurations that come close to boundary conditions, which offers
the potential for theoretical development (e.g, the internationalization of
services, given the contrast between Japan’s highly-internationalized
manufacturers and its largely-domestic service sector, and how Japanese
MNEs deal with the need to remain profitable during a sustained economic
slowdown at home). Of course, insightful research pertaining to how
Japanese MNEs operate demands the deep understanding that comes with
contextual embeddedness. International research on MNEs needs to have more
input from Japan-based scholars.

Shingo Nishii, “Thoughts on Japanese Corporate Support Measures in the
Context of Covid-19."

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the “Business Restructuring
Subsidy” as one of the latest Japanese corporate support measures in the
COVID-19 disaster and then to make observations about management support
organizations and the professionalization of existing services in Japan.
The Business Restructuring Subsidy has been introduced to respond to the
economic and social changes of the COVID and post-COVID era and to promote
the structural transformation of the Japanese economy. The subsidies are
directly targeted at SMEs and medium-sized enterprises (MSEs) to help them
restructure their businesses.
Simultaneously, the subsidies will contribute to raising and expanding the
effectiveness of management support organizations, management consulting
services, and other management-related professional services in Japan. This
paper discusses the networking of management support organizations and the
professional servitization of regional financial institutions as an example
of innovation in existing management support organizations.

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