Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to submit your contributions to the special issue “Critical Perspectives in International Business Education: why, what, and how?”


With this special issue we aim to find approaches and design methods for incorporating essential questions such as MNC role in society, their power and interests, sustainability, diversity & inclusion in teaching IB theories and frameworks. We call for having BOTH critical thinking AND critical perspectives in IB courses, teaching materials, and training of IB educators.


We are sure you will have insightful ideas and valuable suggestions on the topic that is highly under-researched, but very topical and needed.


More information is attached, or available online:


Looking forward to hearing from you!


On behalf of the editorial team: Aušrinė Šilenskytė, Brent Malcolm Burmester, Cyntia Vilasboas Calixto Casnici, Daria Panina, Miguel Cordova, S. Tamer Cavusgil


With best regards,

Aušrinė Šilenskytė, Ph.D.
University Teacher, School of Management, University of Vaasa
Vice Chair, Communications @ AIB Teaching & Education SIG

Phone: +358
29 449 8295
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Welcome to read the latest publications:

- Šilenskytė, A., & Smale, A. (2020). Multilevel theorizing in international business: the case of research on strategy implementation in MNCs. critical perspectives on international business. (ahead of press)

- Šilenskytė, A. (2020). Corporate strategy implementation: how strategic plans become individual strategic actions across organizational levels of the MNC. (monograph)


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