Dear AIB members,

I have developed a research scale database website ( to help academics and researchers. I am
providing the details of this site below- helps academics and researchers. This site offers
different services such as searching research scales, conferences &research
events, and jobs for academics and researchers. Academics and researchers
can also share their research-related blogs, vlogs, call for papers or
chapters on this site.

The scale database of this site offers academics and researchers a range of
scales or measures related to Innovation, Marketing, and Business to use in
their surveys and experiments.

If you are looking for constructs of intention, attitudes, emotions,
adoption, etc. to use in a questionnaire of your research, this is where
you can search multi-item scales used for innovation, marketing, and
business-related surveys and experiments.

I hope this research method platform will help your research activities. I
would be grateful if you could share this site with your friends and

Many Thanks.
Raj | Assistant Professor of Marketing
*Maynooth University*

*National University of Ireland, Maynooth*
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