Following a dynamic workshop on enterprise and innovation in Higher Education as part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chair on Responsible Foresight for Sustainable Development, i.e., the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit, 8–10 December 2020, the sustainability imperative of higher education is back on the table. 

The focal concern of the future of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), especially in developing, transitional and emerging markets, requires further interrogation and especially so in the context of SDG 4 (Quality Education). In the last two years, there have been half a dozen books on entrepreneurial universities and numerous others on higher education in a post-COVID-19 era. 

However, we cannot pontificate on post-COVID-19, as the pandemic is not going anywhere in a hurry. Furthermore, the conversation of preparing graduates for the workplace i.e., employability, may be missing the point entirely, especially for those aspiring towards self-employment. 

This Special Issue, therefore, seeks to unpack these misconceptions with a view to articulating what sustainability really means for higher education.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 10 March 2022.

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