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Are you a newly promoted full professor (or equivalent)? Or a senior associate professor applying for promotion soon? Or an experienced full professor considering new responsibilities? Then then first AIB Senior Faculty Consortium is right for you! You can register at
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Why a Senior Faculty Consortium?


The AIB Senior Faculty Consortium is designed as a forum for discussing how to succeed as a senior faculty and tackle the new challenges that emerge as a full professor. It will analyze four issues relevant for senior faculty: (1) research: keeping research active (2) impact: turning research into practice and having a societal impact, (3) advancement: breaking barriers and paving the way, and (4) career: university leadership, career changes, and retirement.



Who should attend the Senior Faculty Consortium?

The Senior Faculty Consortium is open to all senior members of the Academy of International Business. The term senior is defined broadly as including all full-time faculty that have reached the level of full professor or equivalent in their academic system or are close to (e.g., experienced associate professor or senior lecturer). The consortium will discuss a broad set of issues that are relevant for senior faculty at multiple levels. These include individuals who are close to becoming full professors; have just become full professors; those who have been full professors for some years; and those close to or already retired and who want to continue being active in academia. It is particularly designed for those who are taking administrative roles in the university.



How is the Senior Faculty Consortium structured?

The consortium will run two parallel tracks to accommodate the time differences in the online annual meeting. One track will take place from 08:30 to 12:30 UTC to accommodate participants in Africa/Europe, and Asia/Pacific, and another from 16:30 to 20:30 UTC for participants in the Americas, and Africa/Europe. Participants will select the track that best suits their time zone.

The consortium is organized as four sequential panel sessions lasting 55 minutes with a 5-minute break between them. In each session, the first 30 minutes are devoted to a panel discussion in which panelists will provide their thoughts on the topic, followed by a Q&A period. In the last 25 minutes, each panelist will move into a breakout room with participants to have a conversation on the ideas presented.


The panel sessions will cover the following four topics:

(1) Research: Keeping research active; navigating research and publishing with multi-person teams of varying ranks/cultures/geographies; changing research topics; publishing non-academic journals and books.

(2) Impact: having a societal impact; turning research into practice; joining boards; becoming involved in national and international public policy networks (e.g., UNCTAD, OECD, UN 2030 SDGs); finding opportunities for service in local communities.

 (3) Advancement: identifying insider/outsider issues facing senior women/minority/cross-culture faculty; breaking barriers; mentoring and paving the way.

(4) Career: making major career changes; moving into university leadership; changing institutions and visiting appointments; transitioning into retirement and making a difference post-retirement.



Who is organizing the Senior Faculty Consortium?

The Senior Faculty Consortium is designed and organized by the AIB Fellows. This is part of AIB Fellows’ strategy to contribute to the annual meeting and the development of future generations of scholars and Fellows. The presenters and moderators are all AIB Fellows. The organizer of this first consortium is Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra.


Confirmed panelists for Track 1 are: Paul Beamish, Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Timothy Devinney, Charles Dhanaraj, Saul Estrin, Ajai Gaur, Anne-Wil Harzing, Arie Lewin, Jane Lu, Sarianna Lundan, Yadong Luo, Dana Minbaeva, David Reeb, Elizabeth Rose, Bodo Schlegelmilch, Paul Vaaler, George Yip


Confirmed panelists for Track 2 are: Raj Aggarwal, Tamer Cavusgil, Nicole Coviello, Jose de la Torre, Charles Dhanaraj, Jonathan Doh, Maria Tereza Fleury, Cristina Gibson, Tarun Khanna, Tatiana Kostova, Donald Lessard, Marjorie Lyles, Klaus Meyer, Ram Mudambi, William Newburry, Becky Reuber, Saeed Samiee, Jagdish Sheth, Rosalie Tung, George Yip, Sri Zaheer



How can I participate in the Senior Faculty Consortium?

Space is limited to facilitate interactions in the Q&A and breakout rooms, so please register early. We are accepting registrations on a rolling basis and will close the registration once we reach capacity.  Should you need to cancel for any reason, please notify the organizer.


Please register on the website and upload one single document that contains in the first page a reflection on your current and future career desires/issues followed by a curriculum vitae. Please name the MS Word or pdf document with your Last and First Name in the title file (e.g., LastnameFirstName.doc or LastnameFirstName.pdf).

To attend you need to be an AIB member (you can check your membership number here: and have registered for the conference (you can register here:



Are there additional resources relevant to the Senior Faculty Consortium?


Some materials may be distributed by email before and after the consortium.



Who can answer my questions about the Senior Faculty Consortium?


If you have any questions, please email the organizer, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra ([log in to unmask]). Kindly use “AIB 2021 Senior Faculty Consortium” as the subject line for your message.


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   Co-editor, Global Strategy Journal   

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