Hi runners, bikers and walkers,

An important social feature of the AIB annual meetings is the Running Club that meets each day of the conference for a leisurely run among colleagues. Since the AIB meeting will once again be virtual this year, we will follow last year’s example and hold the Club’s activities virtual as well.

We last year set as a primary goal to as a group accumulate 2020 km during the period of the conference – June 25 to July 2 – which could be run, cycled or walked (of course you can also swim, row, roller blade etc.). We surpassed our goal by far, with participants from 27 countries clocking 3676.5 km. Many of us used the Running Club activities as a fundraising opportunity and we collected donations amounting to a total of US$1996 USD.

With many parts of the world seeing light at the end of the long pandemic tunnel, we at the AIB Running Club do not see why we shouldn’t be even more ambitious. For this reason, we have put forward three goals for this year:

  *   We aim to clock more than 4000km during the period June 25 – July 2;
  *   We aspire to have participants from more than 30 countries;
  *   We endeavor to reach a fundraising target of US$2,500.

We need help of the entire AIB community to reach these targets. To record your runs, rides, walks or other activities, please become member of the “AIB Running Club” that I have created on Strava. You can find the link to the club here:<;!!KwNVnqRv!V-7mnlD8c_XNXmxoNRAofjggUzaU9lkBX11-7VEXhObjtXCYAJX6lBMrnrs8nNTygg$> . Any time you record a run or ride on Strava, it will automatically be added to our club. You can even add pictures to your runs and rides that can give some color to our experiences.

If you prefer not to become member of Strava, there is no problem. I have created a google doc where you can for each day input your name, sport, distance, city and country. We will take your word that the information is correct and will include the numbers in our calculations. You can find the link to the google doc here:<;!!KwNVnqRv!V-7mnlD8c_XNXmxoNRAofjggUzaU9lkBX11-7VEXhObjtXCYAJX6lBMrnrtVoxAPVA$>

Last year, Lorraine Eden made the excellent suggestion that we can use the virtual fitness activity to collect donations for a good cause related to COVID-19, and we will do this this year as well. I personally commit to contribute $1 for each km that I will bike (I unfortunately have a running injury) from June 25 to July 2 to the International Rescue Committee (<;!!KwNVnqRv!V-7mnlD8c_XNXmxoNRAofjggUzaU9lkBX11-7VEXhObjtXCYAJX6lBMrnrtTSBykyw$>). On the google document, I have created two extra tabs in which you can indicate how much you commit and to which organization. We will once again use the honor code system here since each one of you will need to do the donation yourselves. In case you are looking for inspiration, Here is a list of interesting international organizations that you can contribute:

International Rescue Committee (<;!!KwNVnqRv!V-7mnlD8c_XNXmxoNRAofjggUzaU9lkBX11-7VEXhObjtXCYAJX6lBMrnrtTSBykyw$>)

The WHO is asking for donations for its COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund<;!!KwNVnqRv!V-7mnlD8c_XNXmxoNRAofjggUzaU9lkBX11-7VEXhObjtXCYAJX6lBMrnrvmyTZVww$>

Charity Navigator has a COVID-19 list, by category, here:<;!!KwNVnqRv!V-7mnlD8c_XNXmxoNRAofjggUzaU9lkBX11-7VEXhObjtXCYAJX6lBMrnrsCk-iAAA$>

Here is Vanguard's list of top charities for COVID-19:<;!!KwNVnqRv!V-7mnlD8c_XNXmxoNRAofjggUzaU9lkBX11-7VEXhObjtXCYAJX6lBMrnrueiOUk5Q$>

I am very much looking forward to being active with all of you again this year!



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