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*Are you an agricultural service provider navigating a thicket of
questions, issues, and complexities from farmers and ranchers around
leasing land, buying land, and alternative land tenure strategies?* We have
a workshop designed just for you, and it’s happening online June 15 and 17,

Join us for a two-session workshop designed to help agricultural service
providers *understand and deploy legal risk management strategies around
land issues *for the agricultural communities you serve. You’ll learn legal
risk management strategies that help you help farmers, without overstepping
your limits as a non-attorney.

June 15: Noon-3pm Eastern / 11am – 2pm Central / 10am-1pm Mountain /
9am-Noon Pacific

   - Selecting Farmland
   - Financing Land Purchases
   - Leasing Farmland

June 17: Noon-3pm Eastern / 11am – 2pm Central / 10am-1pm Mountain /
9am-Noon Pacific

   - Paths to Ownership
   - Conservation Easements
   - Social justice and non-traditional land access strategies

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*Don't let cost be a barrier- reach out about scholarship opportunities for
NE based organizations and those serving BIPOC communities.*

ALSO: are the farmers and ranchers you work with asking you tough legal
questions on issues broader than farmland? Do you wish you knew how to get
them answers? Guiding Resilience is a legal workshop designed just for
extension agents, nonprofit professionals, lenders, advocates, business
advisors, and other agricultural service providers. We have a July session
launching soon. Learn more about Guiding Resilience and register at our
website.  <>