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International Business Review<>

Volume 30, Issue 3 , June 2021 <>

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Article Number 101839

Valuation uncertainty, home and host market uncertainty, and cross-border seasoned equity offerings<>

Article Number 101808

Lorraine Eden, Daniel C. Indro, Stewart R. Miller, Malika Richards

Board member age, stock seasoning and the evolution of capital structure in Chinese firms<>

Article Number 101769

Paul B. McGuinness

Top management team’s formal network and international expansion of Chinese firms: The moderating role of state ownership and political ties<>

Article Number 101803

Jie Wu, Geoffrey Wood, Zaheer Khan

Agency controls and subsidiary strategic initiatives: The mediating role of subsidiary autonomy<>

Article Number 101807

Erifili-Christina Chatzopoulou, Pavlos Dimitratos, Spyros Lioukas

Informal interorganizational business relationships and customer loyalty: Comparing Guanxi, Yongo, and Wasta<>

Article Number 101805

Man Zhang, Janet L. Hartley, Faten Baddar AL-Husan, Fawaz Baddar ALHussan

Intercultural competencies for emerging markets: A contextualized approach<>

Article Number 101792

A.J. Corner, Leigh Anne Liu, Allan Bird

The accelerating effect of institutional environment unfamiliarity on subsidiary portfolio expansion in a new host country<>

Article Number 101793

Thomas Hutzschenreuter, Philippa-Luisa Harhoff

Strategic responses to extreme institutional challenges: An MNE case study in the Palestinian mobile phone sector<>

Article Number 101806

Sharif Alaydi, Trevor Buck, Yee Kwan Tang

Do Chinese firms benefit from government ownership following cross-border acquisitions?<>

Article Number 101812

Wenjun Tu, Xiaolan Zheng, Lei Li, Zhiang (John) Lin

Network embeddedness, headquarters entrepreneurial orientation, and MNE international performance<>

Article Number 101811

Monica Riviere, Ana M. Romero-Martínez

Managing international joint ventures to improve performance: The role of structural and social mechanisms<>

Article Number 101791

Tahir Ali, Saba Khalid, Khuram Shahzad, Jorma Larimo

Linking inward/outward FDI and exploitation/exploration strategies: Development of a framework for SMEs<>

Article Number 101790

Yuanfei Kang, Joanna Scott-Kennel, Martina Battisti, David Deakins

Pro-market institutions and outward FDI of emerging market firms: An institutional arbitrage logic<>

Article Number 101814

Ryan W. Tang

Consequences of deindustrialisation for globalisation: Insights for international business<>

Article Number 101804

Christian William Callaghan

COVID-19 and business renewal: Lessons and insights from the global airline industry<>

Article Number 101802

Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Zaheer Khan, Ellis L.C. Osabutey

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