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Journal of Global Mobility

Table of Contents: Volume 9, Issue 2:

What goes around comes around. Exploring how skilled migrant founder–managers of SMEs recruit and retain international talent<>

Marian Crowley-Henry, Edward P. O'Connor, Blanca Suarez-Bilbao

Specific work-life issues of single and childless female expatriates: an exploratory study in the Swiss context<>

Xavier Salamin

Does gender matter? Gender talent migration and its implication for talent management<>

Marina Latukha, Mariia Shagalkina, Ekaterina Kalinina, Daria Khasieva

Host country language proficiency and identity: Spanish self-initiated expatriate nurses in Germany<>

Juan Miguel Rosa González, Michelle Barker, Dhara Shah

Working effectively and living contentedly in a foreign country: what human capital do expatriates require and develop?<>

Reimara Valk

The influence of personality on individuals' expatriation willingness in the context of safe and dangerous environments<>

Ebru Ipek, Philipp Paulus

Organizational culture and cultural diversity: an explorative study of international skilled migrants in Swedish firms<>

Ali Farashah, Tomas Blomquist

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New Article:  Stoermer, S., Lauring, J., & Selmer, J. (2020), “The Effects of Positive Affectivity on Expatriate Creativity and Perceived Performance: What is the Role of Perceived Cultural Novelty?”, International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Download<>
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