Call for papers – Sustainability Special Issue "Societal Level Antecedents of Social Entrepreneurship" Due December 31, 2021

Sustainability Special Issue titled “Societal Level Antecedents of Social Entrepreneurship”
Due December 31, 2021

Social entrepreneurship contributes to the globally recognized sustainable development goals. Extant research has examined the role of societal institutions on entrepreneurial behaviors, especially commercial entrepreneurship. But the influence of external context on social entrepreneurship is an under-researched area, and in particular, the influence of societal level formal and informal institutions. The aim of this Special Issue is to examine the influence of context, i.e., the role of societal informal and formal institutions and their interplay in driving social entrepreneurial behavior that would help address the goals of the sustainable development of society. We are seeking conceptual and empirical contributions (in a single cultural context or a cross cultural context) that address the above and related topics. Some typical examples (although not limited to) and related topics would be as follows.

1)     Influence of cultural values, norms and their interplay.

2)     Influence of formal institutions such as regulatory institutions.

3)     Societal level leadership traits and the conditions under which they drive social entrepreneurial behavior.

4)     Mechanisms through which these societal level institutions drive social entrepreneurial behavior.

5)     Conditions under which the above formal and informal institutions drive social entrepreneurial behavior.

6)     Relationship between social entrepreneurship and sustainable development of societies.

7)     Social entrepreneurial behavior that drive sustainable development practices in society.

Details of the call and submission can be found here.

Guest Editors:

Etayankara (Murli) Muralidharan, PhD.
Associate Professor
MacEwan University-School of Business
Muralidharan- profile<>

Dr. Saurav Pathak
Associate Professor- Management & Entrepreneurship
Xavier University

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