*AIB 2021: Journal of International Management Paper Development Workshop*

*Get advice on how to strengthen your research on novel methodologies for
studying socio-political risks*

*Workshop Date: *June 26, 2021

*Submission & Registration Deadline:* June 1, 2021

*Who is This Event For?*

This workshop is for those who are planning or currently working on a
project to identify and evaluate risks in business environment and are
seeking a forum where they can brainstorm and discuss research design ideas
with scholars from different disciplines. It is for scholars seeking to
expand their knowledge and skills on methodological approaches to study
socio-political risks (SPR).

The main contribution of the workshop is threefold: (1) the systematic
examination of pros and cons of a range of novel qualitative and
quantitative methodologies for advancement of socio-political risk
research; (2) the identification of the most appropriate analytical tools
to study different types of socio-political risks in diverse contexts; and
(3) a discussion of emerging research trends on methodological foundations
of SPR research.

In parallel, we hope the PDW will function as a proposal development
workshop for potential contributors to develop ideas for a special issue at
the *Journal of International Management* on novel methodologies for
studying socio-political risks. However, we emphasize that participation in
the workshop is not a requirement nor a guarantee for a paper’s acceptance
to the special issue at JIM. All papers submitted to the special issue at
go through the standard double-blind peer review process.

The workshop will provide a platform to discuss and debate research that
can provide a more granular understanding of methodological issues in
complex and fast-changing contexts. It is designed as an interdisciplinary
conversation between international business (IB) and social science
scholars over novel methodological approaches for examining SPRs and
strategic responses of multinational enterprises to the complexities of
international, regional, and national business environments.

*How Can I Submit a Proposal?*

To participate in the SI-JIM PDW on “Novel methodological approaches to
study socio-political risks,” we invite scholars to upload (1) *a one-page
proposal* through our online *Registration System*
<> by
June 1, 2021 in the authors’ time zone.

Submitting authors will be notified of the results of the review
process by *June
12, 2021*, and will need to confirm their participation in the PDW by *June
15, 2021*. Authors of accepted proposals will receive feedback on their
project from co-editors of the SI JIM.

Spaces may also be provided to interested participants who do not have a
proposal to submit at this time. Please complete the registration form as
usual, skipping the proposal upload step.

*Please note* that authors will need to *register for the AIB 2021
conference* <> in order to
participate in the SI-JIM PDW.

*PDW Organizers:*

Tatiana Vashchilko (University of Calgary, Canada)
George O. White III (University of Michigan – Flint, USA)
Andreea Mihalache-OKeef (Roanoke College, USA)

*PDW Discussants:*
Irem Demirkan (Loyola University Maryland, USA)
Crystal Jiang (Bryant University, USA)
Asda Chintakananda (National Institute of Development Administration,
*George O. White III, J.D., LL.M., Ph.D. *
Associate Professor of Strategic Management
School of Management, University of Michigan-Flint
Email: [log in to unmask]
Office Phone: 810-762-3114/Cell Phone: 915-217-4571
Fax: 810-762-3282/Skype: gowhiteiii
School Website <>/Personal Website
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