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We invite for contributions to an edited book on “Managing People across the Asia-Pacific: An Organizational Psychology Approach.” The volume will be published by Edward Elgar (2023). The volume will be edited by Eddy Ng, Jonathan Ramsay, K. Thirumaran, Jacob Wood.


Globalization and the changing nature of work necessitate that we periodically take stock and examine contemporary challenges facing management and organizations. In this regard, most emerging workplace and organizational research has been undertaken in the West and generalized to the East often using cultural variations as moderating or intervening variables. It neglects other contextual factors such as local and regional norms, social behaviours, and institutional environments unique to local contexts (Bhagat, McDevitt, & McDevitt, 2010). As a result, many leadership and human resource management practices do not transfer well across the Pacific (Rowley, Oh, & Jang, 2019; Zhao, Liu, Zhu, & Liu, 2020).  Furthermore, past research involving leadership and human resource management practices are focused on Western multinationals operating in Asia (Peng, Bhagat, & Chang, 2010).  The number of multinationals from Asia are on the rise and foreign subsidiary management using Western management practices are becoming less relevant (Andreosso-O’Callaghan, Jaussaud, & Zolin, 2018; Tran, 2018).  Asian multinationals emphasize familial relationships, with a focus on respect, and managers value relationships over other forms of business approaches (e.g., transactional) from the West. These uniquely Asian values and norms in concert with other contextual factors will shape how organizations and employers in the Asia-Pacific region manage people. In the first section, we highlight emerging issues facing organizations and management such as how shifting demographics (e.g., a rapidly aging workforce and multiple generations at work) and the changing nature of work (telework, work-life balance, digitization/AI and the gig economy) impact workers and employers. In the next sections, we present chapters on contemporary management practices in the Asian context, including topics on “Asian Managers,” groups and teams, and workplace dynamics in Asian organizations.  We also dedicate a section on Asian culture, society, and government, to provide readers with the institutional and contextual environments of operating in Asia.  We anticipate the book will guide managers in navigating the Asia-Pacific workplace.

We are especially looking for contributions on:


Abstract submission deadline                                        July 1, 2021
Decision on all abstracts for chapter submission       August 1, 2021
Full chapter submissions                                                April 1, 2022
Final Revised Manuscripts                                              November 1, 2022


Please submit an abstract, between 250 – 500 words, outlining your proposed chapter, which clearly articulates the chapter’s original contribution to the literature and discipline. Within the abstract clearly state the objectives or purpose, outline of the main literature and methodological approach adopted in the study, and potential keywords. This abstract submission is due on July 1, 2021.

The Chapter contributions should be no longer than 6,000-8,000 words including references. More details will be provided to accepted abstract authors. Please email Eddy Ng at [log in to unmask] for questions.

Eddy Ng, PhD
Smith Professor in Equity and Inclusion in Business
Queen's University
Kingston, ON
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