8th IB & Finance Paper Development Workshop

“Advancing Interdisciplinary Perspectives in IB & Finance Research”


Virtually organized by Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU – Vienna)

In collaboration with King’s Business School, September 3rd 2021 and

Supported by the Multinational Business Review

Deadline for extended abstracts or full papers: July 1st 2021

The workshop will be held virtually with online presentations and discussions.

For the eight consecutive year, we invite researchers to join their efforts and creativity in developing papers at the intersection of International Business and Finance. The workshop is designed to connect junior scholars to like-minded peers, and to offer hands-on guidance from senior faculty from the fields. The workshop is organized WU Vienna and King’s Business School in London. In 2021, the workshop is organized in collaboration with the Journal Multinational Business Review, which will dedicate a special interdisciplinary issue on research in IB & Finance in 2022 (see call for papers).

Aim and Background of the Workshop:

IB researchers increasingly call for further integration of Finance and IB (Agmon, 2006, Cumming, Filatotchev, Knill, Reeb, & Senbet, 2017, Puck & Filatotchev, 2018). The goal of the 8th IB & Finance Paper Development Workshop is to create an interactive forum for both IB/Finance researchers. We also encourage contributions from Strategy, Accounting and Management with international and/or Finance perspectives. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

·      Current topics in managing and financing international business activities (e.g., Brexit, global protectionism, economic disintegration)

·      Governance and international finance (e.g., risk behaviour, agency cost)

·      Institutional context and international finance (e.g., liability of foreignness in capital markets, local financial context, legitimacy, isomorphism)

·      International capital structure and internal capital markets (e.g., diversification, international transfer pricing, arbitrage, taxation)

·      Ownership effects on internationalization (e.g., family ownership, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds)

·      Financial risk management in internationalization (e.g., hedging, trade finance, risk reporting)

·      International strategic finance (e.g., listing location, location specific financial advantages, project finance, syndication)

·      Firm level issues in financing internationalization (e.g., SMEs, MNEs, EMNEs, born globals, export finance and FDI finance, joint ventures)

·      Integrating IB and Finance theories (e.g., TCE, RBV, OLI, real options, agency and institutional theory).


Expected senior faculty members at workshop (2021):

·         Prof. Igor Filatotchev (King’s College London & WU Vienna)

·         Prof. Thomas Lindner (University of Innsbruck & WU Vienna)


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