The Journal of International Business Policy has recently published a
special issue on "The Sustainable Development Goals: What role for
multinational enterprises?" guest edited by Rob van Tulder, Suzana Braga
Rodrigues, Hafiz Mirza, and Kathleen Sexsmith. For the month of May, our
publisher has made the entire issue free to access for all. 


Please see to
read the full set of articles and commentaries listed below.


The UN's Sustainable Development Goals: Can multinational enterprises lead
the Decade of Action?

Rob Van Tulder, Suzana B. Rodrigues, Hafiz Mirza and Kathleen Sexsmith


Business alignment for the "Decade of Action" 

Jeffrey D. Sachs and Lisa E. Sachs


Evidence-based policymaking and the wicked problem of SDG 5 Gender Equality

Lorraine Eden and M. Fernanda Wagstaff


Dynamic synergies between China's Belt and Road Initiative and the UN's
Sustainable Development Goals 

Donald J. Lewis, Xiaohua Yang, Diana Moise and Stephen John Roddy


Small- and medium-sized enterprises and sustainable development: In the
shadows of large lead firms in global value chains

Noemi Sinkovics, Rudolf R. Sinkovics and Jason Archie-Acheampong


Financial benefits of reimagined, sustainable, agrifood supply networks

Tracy Van Holt, Martin Delaroche, Ulrich Atz and Kevin Eckerle


Governance in energy democracy for Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges
and opportunities for partnerships at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

Jacobo Ramirez


Multinational enterprises and Sustainable Development Goals: A foreign
subsidiary perspective on tackling wicked problems

Ru-Shiun Liou and Rekha Rao-Nicholson


More and better investment now! How unlocking sustainable and digital
investment flows can help achieve the SDGs

Matthew Stephenson, Mohammed Faiz Shaul Hamid, Augustine Peter, Karl P.
Sauvant, Adnan Seric and Lucia Tajoli


Investing in the Sustainable Development Goals: Mobilization, channeling,
and impact

James X. Zhan and Amelia U. Santos-Paulino


Corporate uptake of the Sustainable Development Goals: Mere greenwashing or
an advent of institutional change? 

Addisu A. Lashitew



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