Dear IB Colleagues,

X-Culture is organizing its 7th Research Hackathon.

It is a paper development marathon where we go from paper idea to the first
draft of the complete paper in a few days.

Pre-covid, we ran these research hackathons as writing retreats, where
10-12 IB researchers secluded themselves in a dormitory of a university and
worked on writing papers non-stop for several days.

It takes about 100 hours of focused work to write the initial draft of a
paper. Normally, we work a few hours here, a few hours there, so it takes
several months to produce the first draft of a paper. At the research
hackathon, we pack all those hours in several days on non-stop paper
writing (with frequent breaks for idea exchange, feedback, suggestions, and
some fun and socialization).

This year, the format is the same, but the event is fully online.

We will still have regular progress sharing and idea exchange live
sessions, as well as will incorporate some social/fun elements in the

As before, we will provide tons of data and research support.

Most of the data come from the X-Culture database, which contains over
2,700 variables, measured longitudinally, representing different levels of
measurement (individual, team, country), using multiple sources
(self-report, peer-report, expert-evaluations, administrative records),
qualitative and quantitative, including multiple experimental

The data are particularly suitable for studying cross-cultural
interactions, GVTs, other IB/IM issues, as well as just about any kind of
OB/HR issue, particularly in cross-cultural/global context.

*Event dates*: July 10-26, 2021
*Application deadline*: June 5, 2021.
*Event/Application page*:

More about the research marathon concept:

Justin Kraemer, Program Chair
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Dr. Vas Taras

Associate Professor of International Business

X-Culture Project Founder and Coordinator

Fellow of the Academy of International Business, Southeast USA

Bryan School of Business and Economics

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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