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We are pleased to announce that Applied Psychology: An International Review, Volume 70, Issue 2, has been published. It includes the Special Section on Advances in the Psychology of Workplace Coaching and original and review articles. Enjoy the FREE ACCESS to the whole issue until April 30!

Volume 70, Issue 2 Special Issue: Special Section: Advances in the Psychology of Workplace Coaching

Special Section

Introduction to the Special Issue on Advances in the Psychology of Workplace Coaching
Gil Bozer Rebecca J. Jones

The Effects of Coachee Personality and Goal Orientation on Performance Improvement Following Coaching: A Controlled Field Experiment
Rebecca J. Jones Stephen A. Woods Ying Zhou

An Experimental Field Study on the Effects of Coaching: The Mediating Role of Psychological Capital
Andrea Fontes Silvia Dello Russo

An Investigation of the Three‐Way Joint Coaching Alliance: A Social Identity Theory Perspective
Yi‐Ling Lai Helen Smith

Entrepreneurial Coaching: A Two‐Dimensional Framework in Context
Silja Kotte Isabell Diermann Kathrin Rosing Heidi Möller

Coaching of Insolvent Entrepreneurs and the Change in Coping Resources, Health, and Cognitive Performance
Carsten C. Schermuly Dominika Wach Clemens Kirschbaum Jürgen Wegge

Original Articles

Drive and Direction: Empathy with Intended Targets Moderates the Proactive Personality–Job Performance Relationship via Work Engagement
SinHui Chong Linn Van Dyne You Jin Kim Jo K. Oh

A Multi‐Level Approach to Direct and Indirect Relationships between Organizational Voice Climate, Team Manager Openness, Implicit Voice Theories, and Silence
Michael Knoll Pedro Neves Birgit Schyns Bertolt Meyer

How to Choose a Measure of Resilience: An Organizing Framework for Resilience Measurement
David M. Fisher Rebekah D. Law

Leader Member Exchange in Leaders’ Support for Voice: Good Relationships Matter in Situations of Power Threat
Tina Urbach Doris Fay

Is it Getting Better or Worse? Health‐Oriented Leadership and Psychological Capital as Resources for Sustained Health in Newcomers
Miriam Arnold Thomas Rigotti

What Leads Entrepreneurial Employees to Want to Quit, or Stay in, Their Job? Exploring Two Conflicting Mechanisms
Gorkan Ahmetoglu Valeriya Nefyodova Tomas Chamorro‐Premuzic Sonia‐Cristina Codreanu

Employees’ Work Patterns–Office Type Fit and the Dynamic Relationship Between Flow and Performance
Aida Soriano Malgorzata W. Kozusznik José M. Peiró Evangelia Demerouti

Is Work Engagement Exhausting? The Longitudinal Relationship Between Work Engagement and Exhaustion Using Latent Growth Modeling
Nina M. Junker Antonia J. Kaluza Jan A. Häusser Andreas Mojzisch Rolf van Dick Michael Knoll Evangelia Demerouti

Review Articles

Entrepreneurial Passion: A Review, Synthesis, and Agenda for Future Research
Alexander Newman Martin Obschonka Julia Moeller Gemma Garima Chandan

No Herd for Black Sheep: A Meta‐Analytic Review of the Predictors and Outcomes of Workplace Ostracism
Akanksha Bedi

Original Article  

Opposition to Immigration and (Anti‐)Environmentalism: An Application and Extension of the Social Dominance‐Environmentalism Nexus with 21 Countries in Europe
João Graça

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