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Subject: [scuttlebutt:18751] USC Sea Grant, Community Engaged Internship: Application Deadline is April 16
2021 Community Engaged Internship

USC Sea Grant seeks to recruit one student as a Community Engaged Intern for the summer of 2021. The intern will be funded to complete a research project that is relevant to the studentís studies and their community. USC Sea Grant is offering this internship to provide opportunities for undergraduate Native American students, and students from other underrepresented populations.

Internship Overview

The Community Engaged Internship (CEI) for Undergraduate Students aims to broaden participation in coastal, ocean, and marine sciences by providing training and mentorship to early-stage university and community college students from under-resourced, underrepresented, and Indigenous populations. The CEI is part of a national program<mailto:> that partners with Sea Grant at colleges and universities in all coastal states, therefore the intern selected by USC Sea Grant will be part of and engage with a national cohort of students.

Program Goals: The CEI program goals are to recruit, retain, and engage diverse students in place-based research, extension, education, and/or communication that respects and integrates local knowledge systems. We also hope to encourage students to seek careers in marine and coastal professions, and to consider going on to graduate school.

The 2021 Community Engaged Internship Will Include:

  *   Attending an 8-to-10-week paid summer internship.
  *   The completion of a project that extends the knowledge of community stakeholders to address a coastal or marine issue of environmental, economic and/or social importance.
  *   Participation in all CEI professional development and training opportunities.
  *   Mentoring by Sea Grant professionals, Sea GrantĖfunded researchers, partner organizations, and Sea Grant Knauss Fellows.
  *   Virtual professional development sessions.
  *   Peer discussions with other interns in the cohort using Slack or other virtual platforms.
  *   A graduation ceremony to celebrate accomplishments, network with peers and other professionals (in-person meeting included, dependent on the status of COVID-19 travel restrictions).
  *   Participation in pre-and post-evaluation.
  *   The production of a final internship report, due on September 31, 2021. This report will include the project location, project goal, objectives, and information regarding the project outcome, contributions to the community, and overall internship experience. Intern mentors will also be asked for a final letter or report.

How to Apply

To apply for the CEI opportunity, please provide (1) a resume or CV, (2) a cover letter with the below information, and (3) letter(s) of support. Please email to Linda Chilton (Education Program Manager at USC Sea Grant) at [log in to unmask]<[log in to unmask];!!HXCxUKc!jRvB9X1d5E8dpukJxBsce0k8U18EZJYbgVZmBJqngyyHXRgwedR-2u13m5gAgLByHQ$>.

Cover Letter Requirements

  1.  Please describe your current degree program and how this internship will help you fulfill your degree requirements, a thesis or project for your degree, and/or career goals. We ask this as opportunities may be tailored to help you meet these requirements and goals.
  2.  Tell us about yourself, your area of interest, and how you fit into the goals of the CEI program.
  3.  A short description of your proposed project and how this research fits into USC Sea Grantís areas of focus (More information about our Focus Areas can be found here<;!!HXCxUKc!jRvB9X1d5E8dpukJxBsce0k8U18EZJYbgVZmBJqngyyHXRgwedR-2u13m5g2oW3Wwg$>.) Include how this project will benefit your community.
  4.  A letter from the community mentor or supervisor detailing the support of the community for the project and describing the internís skills and leadership to the proposed project.
  5.  If the science mentor is different than the community mentor, an additional letter of support from the science researcher should be included in the packet detailing the internís skill level to complete the project.
  6.  Please provide where you currently reside. (We ask this as travel during summer 2021 will be dependent on restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)
  7.  The cover letter should be 1-2 pages.

Submission Deadline: Applicants must submit materials by 5:00 pm on April 16, 2021.

Application Review Information

Eligibility: Applicant must be enrolled or accepted in a degree-granting or certificate program from an accredited institution for at least half time (6 units or more) Spring 2021 and legally able to work in the United States.

Evaluation Criteria: The evaluation criteria and weighting of the criteria are as follows:

  1.  The description of your proposed project or statement of interest in a project (40%)
  2.  Letters of support or endorsement (40%)
  3.  Student application cover letter and CV (20%)

Review and selection process: The USC Sea Grant Internship Committee will review each application based on the evaluation criteria listed in the previous section. Each committee member will score each application and scores will be averaged and ranked by the committee. The top applicant will be notified by April 30th. USC Sea Grant has one undergraduate position for the summer of 2021.

Contact Information: Please contact Linda Chilton ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>), or Maria Madrigal ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) with any questions about the internship.

Maria Madrigal
Education Program Assistant
Sea Grant Program
University of Southern California
3454 Trousdale Parkway, CAS 210
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0373
email: [log in to unmask]<;!!HXCxUKc!jRvB9X1d5E8dpukJxBsce0k8U18EZJYbgVZmBJqngyyHXRgwedR-2u13m5hirMbfjA$>

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