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Subject: Internship Opportunities with Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission - Applications Due March 22nd, 2021


We are in the process of announcing our 2021 Internship Program. In 2021, we will be offering 5 internships in Biological Services, Planning and Development, and Public Information. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, all internships will be offered remotely.

If you know of any interested applicants, please forward this message with the position descriptions for their consideration. This year, we are relaxing the qualifications for intern applicants from full-time to part-time enrollment status due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Complete applications (as outlined within the Opportunity Announcement) are due by March 22nd, 2021 by 4:30 PM CST.

Attached are the Internship Opportunity Announcement and the individual Internship Position Descriptions. Internship Position Descriptions will also be available for viewing<;!!HXCxUKc!mJ-gmrodnAG7CKpyTeA9ZG3dwYXJSlT93-D7t0YCE6zf2MCZ-y01YmzEZ2xikUs$>
Boozhoo . The Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission is commonly known by its acronym, GLIFWC. Formed in 1984, GLIFWC represents eleven Ojibwe tribes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan who reserved hunting, fishing and gathering rights in the 1837, 1842, and 1854 Treaties with the United States government.. GLIFWC provides natural resource management expertise, conservation ...<;!!HXCxUKc!mJ-gmrodnAG7CKpyTeA9ZG3dwYXJSlT93-D7t0YCE6zf2MCZ-y01YmzEr79Mteo$>
 under the “Employment” section soon.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the GLIFWC Summer Internship Program.

Miigwech! (Thank you!)

LaTisha Coffin
ANA Projects Coordinator
Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission
P.O. Box 9  Odanah, WI 54861
P: 715-685-2128
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pronouns: she, her, ki, kin

Michigan Technological University is located within Ojibwa (Chippewa) homelands and ceded-territory established by the Treaty of 1842<;!!HXCxUKc!mJ-gmrodnAG7CKpyTeA9ZG3dwYXJSlT93-D7t0YCE6zf2MCZ-y01YmzE0mTg63g$>, the shared lands and waters of Native American nations in Gakiiwe’onaning (Keweenaw Bay), Gete-gitgaaning (Lac Vieux Desert), Mashkii-ziibing (Bad River), Odaawaa-zaaga’iganing (Lac Courte Oreilles), Waaswaaganing (Lac Du Flambeau), Miskwaabikong (Red Cliff), Wezaawaagami-ziibiing (St. Croix), Zaka’aaganing (Sokaogon Mole Lake), Nagaajiwanaag (Fond du Lac), Misi-zaaga’iganiing (Mille Lacs), and Gaa-mitaawangaagamaag-ininiwag (Sandy Lake).

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Honor Native Land: A Guide and Call to Acknowledgement<;!!HXCxUKc!mJ-gmrodnAG7CKpyTeA9ZG3dwYXJSlT93-D7t0YCE6zf2MCZ-y01YmzE7J5vafw$>

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The digital emissions from this email are an estimated 1.2g to 3.6g CO2 per view. Learn more about the calculation of this figure and why it's important from BBC Future Planet<;!!HXCxUKc!mJ-gmrodnAG7CKpyTeA9ZG3dwYXJSlT93-D7t0YCE6zf2MCZ-y01YmzEoCIEbvI$>.

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