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How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Changing Strategies of Globally Operating MNEs?

Time: March 9, 4pm GMT (View Local Time)



How are multinational companies adjusting their global strategies to manage the ongoing health and economic crises sparked by COVID-19? 

This key question will be the subject of our next free webinar, featuring expert perspectives from a recent Special Issue of AIB Insights on the Effects of Coronavirus on International Business.




COVID-19 and International Diversification: A New Paradigm for Multinationals
Kaitlyn DeGhetto
Presented by: Kaitlyn DeGhetto, University of Dayton

Exploring the Liability of Origin: Lessons from Smithfield Foods and Meat Processing in the US During COVID-19
Daniel Shapiro, Jing Li, Cai Mitsu Feng
Presented by: Daniel Shapiro, Simon Fraser University

Rethinking Overseas Production: The Case of COVID-19 and Negative Externality
Ofra Bazel-Shoham, Amir Shoham
Presented by: Amir Shoham, Temple University

John Mezias, University of Miami
Klaus Meyer, Western University


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