Dear AIB members,


As you may know, the three Immediate Past AIB Presidents (Lorraine Eden, Chuck Kwok, and I) are in charge of nominating the AIB Executive Board members for the 2021-22 term. 


We would like to encourage AIB members to nominate someone(s) and/or nominate themselves for the AIB Executive Board open positions (see below). The deadline for nominations is March 10, 2021.


Nominations are all being done online this year - here’s the link:  


Please note that the workload of being an AIB Board member has risen considerably in the past few years. There are now several standing committees that meet and report regularly to the Board and a variety of ad hoc Task Forces.


Your nominees should be prepared to take on Board membership as a major (and preferably their major) Service commitment.


Best regards,

Mike Kotabe


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