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Volume 16, Issue 2<>
Publication date: 15 February 2021
[International Journal of Emerging Markets]
Vietnamese industrial development: following Washington on the road to Beijing<>
Marco Rodolfo Di Tommaso, Antonio Angelino
HTML<> | PDF (480KB) <>
Targeted industrial policy and government failures: insights from the South Korean experience<>
Mattia Tassinari, Elisa Barbieri, Giovanni Morleo, Marco Rodolfo Di Tommaso
HTML<> | PDF (386KB) <>
Determinants of international marketing strategy for emerging market multinationals<>
Sudhir Rana, Sanjeev Prashar, Munim Kumar Barai, Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid
HTML<> | PDF (741KB) <>
Viewing marketing through entrepreneurial mindset: a systematic review<>
Anshita Yadav, Sanchita Bansal
HTML<> | PDF (749KB) <>
Adoption, diffusion and consumer behavior in technopreneurship<>
Broto Rauth Bhardwaj
HTML<> | PDF (4MB) <>
Who drives the automotive sector? Thailand selective policies<>
Chiara Pollio, Lauretta Rubini
HTML<> | PDF (2MB) <>
Equity market timing and capital structure: evidence on post-IPO firms in Indonesia<>
Dewi Ratih
HTML<> | PDF (302KB) <>
Will manufacturing investors go to border zones? The case of central Thailand<>
Minh Tam Thi Bui, Arayah Preechametta
HTML<> | PDF (258KB) <>
Friendly bureaucrats, formal rules and firms' investment decisions: evidence from a survey experiment in Russia<>
Andrei Yakovlev, Denis Ivanov
HTML<> | PDF (423KB) <>
Selective industrial policies in China: investigating the choice of pillar industries<>
Elisa Barbieri, Marco Rodolfo Di Tommaso, Mattia Tassinari, Marco Marozzi
HTML<> | PDF (220KB) <>
Industrial modernisation through institutional upheaval in a transition economy<>
Anton Klarin, Pradeep Kanta Ray
HTML<> | PDF (340KB) <>
Globalization and innovation with Chinese characteristics: the case of the automotive industry<>
Claudio Petti, Francesca Spigarelli, Ping Lv, Mario Biggeri
HTML<> | PDF (332KB) <>



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