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There’s been a flurry of activity surrounding the revision of the FT
journal list. A key question that many business school leaders are asking
is: “How should we define scholarly impact and what can I do to enhance
scholarly impact in my own school”? The following *open-access article*
offers some recommendations that we hope will be useful:

·     Aguinis, H., Yu, L., & Tosun, C. in press. How to enhance scholarly
impact: Recommendations for university administrators, researchers and
educators. *International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management*. [available at]

We very much look forward to your comments about this timely and important

All the best,



Scholarly impact is critical to universities in their aspiration to create,
disseminate, and apply knowledge. However, scholarly impact is an elusive
concept. First, we present a conceptual model to clarify different
dimensions of scholarly impact (i.e., theory and research, education,
organizations, and society) and four key stakeholders (i.e., other
researchers, students, practitioners, and policy makers). Second, we
provide actionable recommendations for university administrators,
researchers and educators on how to enhance impact. Our scholarly impact
model is flexible, expandable, scalable, and adaptable to universities in
different regions of the world and with different strategic priorities. For
university administrators, we recommend (1) aligning scholarly impact goals
with actions and resource-allocation decisions, (2) ensuring that
performance management and reward systems are consistent with impact goals,
(3) being strategic in selecting a journal list, (4) developing a strong
doctoral program, and (5) promoting practical knowledge and applications.
For researchers and educators, we recommend (1) developing a personal
scholarly impact plan, (2) becoming an academic decathlete, (3) finding
ways to affect multiple impact dimensions simultaneously, and (4)
leveraging social media to broaden impact on external stakeholders.
Implementing these recommendations will benefit other researchers,
students, practitioners (e.g., managers, consultants), and policy makers.

*Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.*

President Elect, *Academy of Management*

Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar, Professor of Management, & Chairperson

Department of Management

The George Washington University School of Business

Washington, DC

* <> *

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