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The ACM Collective Intelligence Conference 2021 will be hosted by the Copenhagen Business School as a combined virtual and physical gathering. 

This 10th version of the Collective Intelligence Conference gathers people from different disciplines to discuss how communication technology and data science can help create, exchange, and combine knowledge to address complex organizational and societal issues.  


Conference themes 

The conference is organized into five focal areas ranging from nano, micro, meta to global macro perspectives. 


1. Biology, Neuroscience, and Algorithms  

Program chair: Deborah M. Gordon, Professor of Biology, Department of Biology, Stanford University  


2. Psychology, Social Behavior, and Information Systems  

Program chair: Jan vom Brocke, Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, Head of Department, Institute of Information Systems, University of Liechtenstein  


3. Control, Communication, and Cybernetics  

Program chair: Kevin Crowston, Distinguished Professor of Information Science, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University  


4. Strategy, Management, and Collaboration  

Program chair: Arvind Malhotra, H. Allen Andrew Professor of Entrepreneurial Education, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC at Chapel Hill  


5. Ecosystems, Global Economy, and Society  

Program chair: Caroline de la Porte, Professor of Public Policy and Governance, Department of International Economics, Government and Business, Copenhagen Business School 


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:  

•  Adaptive dynamic systems  •  Artificial intelligence  •  Biological systems  •  Citizen engagement  •  Collective decision-making   •  Collaborative problem-solving   •  Computational models  •  Communication and information technologies  •  Computer science •  Creativity  • Crowdfunding   •  Crowdsourcing  •   Data science  •  Emergence of intelligence  •   Evolutionary intelligence  •  Ethics and values  •  Extended cognition  •  Group memory  •  Human computation  •  Incentive mechanisms  •  Innovation  •  Knowledge creation  •  Multi-agent technology  •  Open source intelligence  •  Organizational design  •   Participatory decision-making  •  Prediction markets  •  Robotics  •  Social computing  •  Societal norms  •  Strategy formation  •  Super forecasting  •  Swarming and synchronicity  •  Team structures  •  Wisdom of crowds  •  Voting design 



We accept four-page abstracts presenting:  

·       Original research efforts and papers  

·       New tools, technologies, and experiments  

Submissions are limited to 3 pages of text and 1 page with references. It is encouraged to include a graphical abstract with the submission.    


Find more information at https://www.acm-ci2021.com/calls

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