Paper Development Workshop for

Management and Organization Review

“Country and Firm Resilience: How Environments of Constrained Resources and High Uncertainty Can Teach us about New Capabilities and Strategies”


Pre-Conference: May 21, 2021 

Management Organization Review will hold a Paper Development Workshop on May 21, 2021 as part of the pre-conference program for the AIB-LAC Annual meeting.  The PDW is the most extensive of the various outreach activities conducted by the MOR Editorial Team, and will include Editor-in-Chief, Arie Lewin (Duke University), Deputy Editor, Gerald McDermott (University of South Carolina), Senior Editor, Roberto Vassolo (Universidad Austral), and Editorial Review Board Member, Paola Perez-Aleman (McGill University).

MOR is rapidly becoming the leading journal for advancing management and organization research in transforming economies. It seeks to promote work that tests general theory, develops indigenous theories, explores interesting phenomena or research questions, and replicates prior studies always in the context of transforming economies. MOR  s very interdisciplinary, building and integrating such fields as organization behavior, organization theory, strategic management, economics, economic geography, innovation theories, anthropology, political science, cross - cultural, and social psychology, international business, sociology, cognitive science, and institutional theory.

While we will consider papers on emerging markets in general, the main purpose of this PDW is to provide scholars who work in or on Latin America with developmental feedback on their current research papers that reflect the aforementioned themes and approaches on phenomena related to Latin American firms, organizations, markets and institutional environments.  We will also have a great interest in works that contribute to the debates on and exploration of how the context of Latin America can offer lessons about capabilities and strategies that emerge in the face of uncertainties and limited resources but also can enhance country, industry and firm-level resilience.

The PDW will be structured to provide extensive feedback to authors whose research papers have been accepted by the workshop organizers. The program will have three components.  First, we will have a 60-minute introductory session (9:00am–10:00am), led by members of the MOR editorial team, to discuss the manuscript review process, the different types of manuscripts published at MOR, and various topics relevant to authors seeking to publish in MOR.  The second session (10:15am–11:45pm) groups of two authors (with substantively related papers) will be paired with one or two MOR Editors, to discuss details of the papers.  The main focus will be on how to improve the papers, so as to increase the probability of acceptance at MOR.  During the lunch-time session (12:00pm–1:30pm), MOR Team members will provide insight into their personal publication strategies and pathways for sustained, successful publishing.


Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez (PhD)
Full Professor of Management  (Profesora Titular)
Department of Management (Departamento de Organización y Gerencia)
Universidad EAFIT, Medellin, Colombia
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