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Date: Friday, December 18, 2020 at 3:36 PM
Subject: [glin-jobs] 2021 Great Lakes Summer Fellows Program - Accepting Applications!
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2021 Great Lakes Summer Fellows Program
The Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR) announces the 2021 Great Lakes Summer Fellows Program, in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (GLERL). The Great Lakes Summer Fellows Program exposes students to a broad range of disciplines and provides an exciting opportunity for students to conduct research in the Great Lakes region under the mentorship of a CIGLR or GLERL scientist. We seek to use these fellowships to increase diversity in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math) and strongly encourage applications from students who identify with groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in government and academic workforces.


  *   We are offering eight (8) full-time, twelve-week positions.
  *   The fellowship program will be conducted virtually to ensure health and safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. CIGLR will ensure that all students have the computing resources needed to carry out their work.
  *   If local conditions and safety guidelines issued by NOAA and the University of Michigan allow, students may petition CIGLR to work in person. Students working in person will be located at the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL), 4840 South State Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, about 4 miles south of the University of Michigan central campus. The fellow accepted to Project 8 may choose in-person work at The Ohio State University or NOAA GLERL.
  *   Fellowships will begin on May 17 and end on August 6.
  *   Each student will receive a $10,000 stipend, paid in four monthly installments of $2,500.

  *   The program is limited to currently-enrolled undergraduate (juniors and seniors as of Fall 2021) and graduate students (Masterís and Ph.D). We will also consider post-baccalaureate or post-masters students who have graduated within the past 12 months of the fellowship (i.e., May 2020 or after), if the position fits directly within a studentís career or academic goals.
  *   You must be either a U.S. citizen or a foreign national who is residing in the U.S. on a current Student Visa.
  *   Immediate relatives of any CIGLR or NOAA GLERL employees are not eligible to participate in this program, consistent with NOAA guidelines.
To Apply:
∑  Visit<;!!HXCxUKc!mn6lCZbW7KesGS_iE_hv9riwPzZsIKVzwULDdhAwEHOa4rgu_8hOZz8pDpMuSBjPdg$> for more information & to access the online application.
∑  Deadline: 19 February 2021 at 11:59 PM EST
∑  Applicants will be notified of their status by 26 March 2020.
Have questions? Check out our FAQ page<;!!HXCxUKc!mn6lCZbW7KesGS_iE_hv9riwPzZsIKVzwULDdhAwEHOa4rgu_8hOZz8pDpNeUQs5Nw$> or Contact:
Mary E. Ogdahl
Program Manager
Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research
University of Michigan | 440 Church Street | G110 Dana Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1041
734-763-3010 (UM) | 734-741-2276 (NOAA GLERL)
***Currently teleworking*** 616-502-3419 (Cell)
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