Dear colleagues,
I saw one of our colleagues sharing news about his new book. Very exciting.
If possible, please kindly post the following too. Thank you and warmest regards!

***Apologies for any cross-listing***

Dear Colleagues,

If you are looking for a book with some fresh new insight, I would like to share my latest book publication Cross-Cultural Management with Insights from Brain Science<>,
part of the International Business Series from Routledge.

The book discusses essential topics such as cross-cultural leadership/ negotiation/ motivation/ marketing, change, diversity and bias management. For each topic, there is an added section on how biology plays a role. This is the result of my study in Applied Neuroscience at King's College London. For example, "Do genes contribute to cultural values?" and "Can a person develop a multicultural mind?". The insight from this interdisciplinary approach is: culture is dynamic, context is the software of the mind, opposing values coexist, change is constant, and individuals can host contradictory values.

The book is a good fit for a complementary read in business subjects, or a primary read in cross-cultural courses. Here is a review<> of the book. I also created a series of online video lectures <> to accommodate some of the content. I'm happy to give virtual guest lectures at your requests.

Cordially yours,
Mai Nguyen
Dr. Mai Nguyen | Associate Professor<><>
Cross-cultural Management | Organization Leadership and Change | Cultural Neuroscience |
Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB/HvA)
133 Fraijlemaborg, 1102 CV Amsterdam, The Netherlands | +31 645 092 105
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