Time & Date: 16.00 - 17.30 CET, 12/12/2020 

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Sustainability, broadly defined, is a topic of increasing interest in the IB community, particularly among PhD candidates and early and mid-career academics. These scholars are looking for outlets such as conferences and journals towards which they can direct their research and writing. Given that much of the sustainability research is (a) by nature interdisciplinary and (b) covers a wide range of topics that may touch on but are not necessarily within an individual researcher’s primary area of interest, these scholars often have a difficult time developing research idea, determining where their research interests fit, and getting their work noticed or having an impact on the literature, society, and policy. There also is a growing interest in networking and exchanging views about sustainability in IB.  

Considering the above, Ph.D. candidates and early and mid-career scholars in IB would benefit from hearing from and networking with senior scholars (the facilitators) who are interested and experienced in IB-related sustainability-oriented research in the following key areas:  

(1) How to best express that this area of research is timely, valuable and necessary; 

(2) What kind of sustainability topics might be of interest;  

(3) How to frame the interdisciplinary topics that typify sustainability-oriented issues;  

(4) How to navigate the whole journal submission process in different outlets.  

Senior scholars will in turn benefit from hearing what these emerging scholars are interested in and why they are motivated to conduct research on sustainability in an IB context. As such, this session will function as a guided conversation among scholars who share a common interest.  



This workshop is intended to be a relaxed, friendly meeting among scholars who share a common interest. It will run as follows: 

Conversation initiated by senior scholars (as the facilitators):  

The senior scholars who are participating in this conversation, while sharing an overall interest in sustainability in an IB context, represent a wide variety of research and editorial expertise and interests. Each senior scholar will spend a maximum 5 minutes to list their 3 best tips and tricks relevant for the audience.  

Conversation with participants:  

Following the short opening talks from the senior scholars, workshop participants will be encouraged to submit questions they want to address to any or all of the senior scholars and participate in the conversation via the Q&A feature of the virtual session which will be collected/curated by the organizers. Participants will also be given the opportunity to submit questions to the organisers beforehand (via email). 


The Q&A feature:  

1) Participants will have the opportunity to take turn to speak/comment (depending on the number of attendees, breakout rooms may be used to facilitate better interaction). It is hoped that contributions from the participants will lead to a wider-ranging conversation. These questions and comments can range from research crafting, panel development and impactful research to publishing in specific journals;  

2) Participants can also use the chat feature of the virtual session to make comments that may be of interest to all participants (e.g., “I am researching the use of circular economy practices in GVCs. Is anyone else doing this?”).  


Given that the format of the workshop is a guided conversation, there is no restriction to the number of participants. It is hoped that all interested Ph.D. candidates and early and mid-career academics will benefit. However, should you wish to attend this workshop and be informed of similar events in the future, please register via the link provided above. 




(in alphabetical order) 


Jeremy Clegg 

Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration and International Business Management, Leeds University Business School 

Valentina de Marchi 

Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova 

Jonathan Doh 

Herbert G. Rammrath Endowed Chair in International Business, Villanova University 

Lorraine Eden 

Professor Emerita in Management and Research Professor of Law, Texas A&M University 

Pervez Ghauri 

Professor in International Business, Birmingham Business School 

Ans Kolk 

Professor of International Business, Amsterdam Business School 

Rosalie Tung 

Professor of International Business, Simon Fraser University 

Rob van Tulder 

Professor of International Business-Society Management, Rotterdam School of Management 

Alain Verbeke 

Professor of International Business Strategy, University of Calgary 



All queries should be directed to: 

John Dilyard 

AIB Sustainability SIG Co-Chair (St Francis College, New York), [log in to unmask] 

Shasha Zhao 

AIB Sustainability SIG Co-Chair (University of Surrey, UK), [log in to unmask] 


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