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We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Multinational Business Review is now available on Emerald Insight.


Volume 28, Issue 4

Special issue papers: Contemporary issues in international business: the 7th Reading-UNCTAD International Business Conference edited by Professor Davide Castellani.

International rivalry and global business leadership: an historical perspective

Mark Casson

HTML | PDF (186KB)


Internationalisation theory and Born Globals

Nigel Wadeson

HTML | PDF (171KB)


How outward investment from emerging markets affects economic development at home: using the eclectic paradigm to synthesize two IB literatures

Guus Hendriks

HTML | PDF (258KB)


FDI inflows and intellectual property rights for MNEs in emerging markets: an alternative approach through the lens of trademarks in Vietnam (1986-2016)

Amy Linh Thuy Nguyen




Regular issue papers:


Third-country nationals as intercultural boundary spanners in multinational corporations

Christoph Barmeyer, Volker Stein, Jenny Marie Eberhardt

HTML | PDF (281KB)


Uncertainty avoidance culture, cash holdings and financial crisis

Quoc Trung Tran

HTML | PDF (184KB)


Attitudinal commitment in firms’ de-internationalization processes

Andrea Kuiken, Robert Wentrup, Roger Schweizer

HTML | PDF (467KB)



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Daniel Shapiro and Chang Hoon Oh

Co-editors, Multinational Business Review

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