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Companies face enhanced global competition due to new information technology, changing behavior of customers, and liberalization of many industries making way for more market establishments. The new competitive dynamic puts major demands on firms when they try to implement international strategies.

The new book Competitive International Strategy: Key Implementation Issues addresses international strategy implementation and presents practical advices. In particular, a tight link between implementation and competition dynamics is crucial for firm’s international competitiveness.

The book includes several detailed company cases illustrating key implementation issues:

The book will be of great value to students, academics, and practitioners in the fields of strategic management, leadership, and international business. Anders Pehrsson is the main author of the book. Mosarrat Farhana, Andreas Pehrsson, Tobias Pehrsson and Daniel Swietlicki have also contributed. It is available as an e-book and a hard book:

Pehrsson, A. (Ed.). (2021). Competitive International Strategy: Key Implementation Issues. New York: Routledge.

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