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    Job Title: Deer Research Technician
    Agency: Purdue University, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
    Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
    Job Category: Full-Time Temporary
    Salary: $12/hour + housing stipend
    Duration: 11 January 2021 – 14 May 2021 Last Date to Apply: 16 November 2020

    Description: The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources is seeking two (2) technicians to assist with the Integrated Deer Management Project (IDMP). Successful applicants will work with Purdue University faculty, staff, and graduate students to study deer populations and habitat condition in Indiana. Technician duties include, but are not limited to, remote camera deployment and retrieval, processing of remote camera photos to identify deer, conducting deer browse and fecal pellet transects, construction of deer exclosures, and planting of oak seedlings. This is a full-time field position and work will occur across Indiana for the duration of the position.
    The IDMP is a multi-year research project undertaken by the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University in partnership with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The overall goal of the IDMP is the development of an integrated model of deer management that incorporates the biological, ecological, and sociological factors related to deer management. The IDMP seeks to combine information on deer populations, current deer habitat, and people’s attitudes and expectations about deer populations for improved understanding and management of deer in Indiana.
    For more information on the IDMP, visit our website:;!!HXCxUKc!gsoZJ9JdehuQ61ykGO62tdfW6N5uqezrLsbf0e3rIJAQMzZ24B7-jG4hAO9j95j8$ .

    Required Qualifications:
    - Bachelor’s degree with coursework in Wildlife Biology, Forestry, or a related field
    - Knowledge and ability to use basic wildlife research tools and equipment including compass, hand-held GPS, and remote trail cameras
    - Ability to accurately record scientific data
    - Ability to work effectively as part of a team and individually
    - Ability to work in extreme and variable conditions (long days, inclement weather including snow and rain, and rugged terrain)
    - Ability to work a flexible schedule, with potential weekend work
    - Comfortable speaking to law enforcement, landowners and other stakeholders
    - Valid U.S. driver’s license and the ability to drive University vehicles

    Preferred Qualifications:
    - Prior experience in:
    - remote camera surveys
    - browse surveys
    - woody species identification in the Midwestern U.S.
    - winter fieldwork conditions (snow, below-freezing temperatures)
    - First Aid/CPR certification

    To Apply: Send a single document containing a brief cover letter (≤ 1 page), resume, and contact information for at least two references to Patrick McGovern at [log in to unmask] Save the file as “Lastname_Deer_Tech.pdf” (e.g. 
    Contact Person: Patrick McGovern
    Contact Phone: (765) 496-6277
    Contact Email: [log in to unmask]

    Purdue University is an equal access/equal opportunity university.

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    Dr. David W. Inouye
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