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Sent: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 10:38 AM
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Subject: Fw: GS-0482-7/9/11 Coordinated Advertisements Now Open

Good morning IFWO.  Please see links below to the Fish Biologist batched hire currently open - this hire includes a position in the CdA office to backfill behind some of the excellent staff we just lost in the last 401 hire.  Note it closes 10/13 or when 350 applications are received.  Please pass on to anyone you think might be interested.  Also, if you have any questions about the position, please reach out to Christy.


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Subject: Re: GS-0482-7/9/11 Coordinated Advertisements Now Open

(Re-sending to correct series to read 482)

Good Morning,

The coordinated advertisements for the GS-0482-7/9/11 Fish Biologist positions are now open and posted on<;!!HXCxUKc!grweeRNa17Z8Cfpnz14mhsyhafW0xawHEb1zVldamiADhE3Ylgl6ZI4ael7s9o9wYg$>  Please ensure that this email is distributed to hiring officials throughout the Service so they are aware that the announcements have opened.  Below are the active links for each of the announcements.

Open:  10/06/2020

Close: 10/13/2020

*Please Note:  Delegated Examining and STEM Direct Hire Announcement will close once 350 applications have been received.  Please let potential applicants know to submit their application package timely.


Vacancy Announcement Number

Link to Announcement

GS-0482-7/9 (FPL 11)     (Merit Promotion)


GS-0482-7/9 (FPL 11)    (Delegated Examining)*


GS-0482-11 (FPL 11)      (STEM Direct Hire)*


Thank You,
Monica Cordova
Supervisory Human Resources Specialist (Staffing)
Joint Administrative Operations | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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