Huawei Goes Global Vol. 1: Made in China for the World, edited by Wenxian Zhang, Ilan Alon and Christoph Lattemann, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 350 pages.

Huawei Goes Global Vol. 2: The Regional, Geopolitical Perspectives and Crisis Management, edited by Wenxian Zhang, Ilan Alon and Christoph Lattemann, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 364 pages.



Volume One: Table of Contents


  1. Introduction

Ilan Alon, Wenxian Zhang, and Christoph Lattemann



Part I. The Political Economy & the Public Policy Perspectives of Huawei’s Globalization


  1. The International Political Economy of Huawei’s Global and Domestic Environment

Thomas D. Lairson


  1. Weaponizing Globalization: Chinese High-Tech in the Crosshairs of Geopolitics – The Case of Huawei

Francis Schortgen


  1. Helping Hands for Huawei: Dialing into China’s Technology Policy to Understand Its Contemporary Support for Huawei

Jean-Marc F. Blanchard


  1. All under Huawei: China’s New Vision for a Tech-Sinica

Shirley Ze Yu



Part II. The Rise of Huawei as a Chinese Global Enterprise


  1. A Strategic Assessment of Huawei into the Fast Future

Denise Tsang and David Fuschi


  1. Huawei’s Expansion into the Global South: A Path toward Alternative Globalization?

Yun Wen


  1. Analyzing Huawei as a Chinese Multinational Operating in Three Worlds: Domestic Policy Instrument, Global Economic Agent, and Foreign Policy Target

Duane Windsor


  1. Huawei's Expansion and Nokia's Retreat: What Lessons Can We Learn?

Anders Kjellman, Xiaohua Yang, Xiaobo Wu, and Sun-young Park



Part III. Huawei’s Development Strategies, Innovations, and Talent Management


  1. Huawei's Long March to Global Leadership: Joint Innovation Strategy from the Periphery to the Center

Manuel Hensman and Guangyan Liu


  1. Huawei’s Global Quest to Catch-up: An Atypical Approach in R&D Internationalization

Kerstin J. Schaefer


  1. Independent or Interdependent Innovation: The Case of Huawei

Xingkun Liang and Yue Xu


  1. Huawei at Bay? A View on Dependency Theory in the Information Age

Laura Kirste and Dirk Holtbrügge


  1. Managing Foreign High-end Talent at Huawei

David W. Hall and Ting Ren


  1. Final Reflections – Global Challenges from Innovation and Connectivity

Christoph Lattemann, Wenxian Zhang, and Ilan Alon



Volume Two: Table of Contents


  1. Introduction

Ilan Alon, Wenxian Zhang, and Christoph Lattemann



Part I. The Regional, Economic, and Geopolitical Perspectives


  1. Market Entry Strategies of Huawei in Germany and the Russian Federation from a Network Theory Perspective

Mario Glowik


  1. Huawei’s Growth Strategies and Challenges in Russia

Tatyana Tsukanova


  1. Crouching Tiger in a Transition Economy: Development of Huawei’s Operations in Poland

Krzysztof Klincewicz, Laura Zoboli, Magdalena Marczewska


  1. Huawei in Central and Eastern Europe: Strategic Partner or Potential Threat?

Ágnes Szunomár, Joanna Karas and Iulia Monica Oehier-Sincai


  1. Huawei in Canada: Doing Business in the Midst of Game of Thrones

Hadi Chapardar, William Wei and Houssam Chamseddine


  1. Huawei Mexico: Between the Construction of Upgrading and the Uncertainty Caused

Jorge Carrillo & Jordy Micheli


  1. Assessing the Impact of the Huawei Brand on the Information Communication Technology infrastructure of Ghana

Kwame Ohene Djan and Wilberforce Owusu-Ansah


  1. Huawei’s Carrier Business in Southeast Asia

Serina Al Haddad and Sheryll Namingit


  1. Huawei Goes to India: Can the Dragon and the Elephant Marry?

Deepraj Mukherjee


  1. Exemplar Partner or Controversial Outsider? Huawei’s Strategic Engagement in Oceania

Jake Lin



Part II. Huawei’s Crisis Management and Corporate Communication


  1. Untangling Legitimacy Complexity: Huawei's Engagement with Government and Media 

Lei Li and Sunny Li Sun


  1. Red Teaming Strategy: Huawei’s Organizational Learning and Resilience

Chongyang Zhou and Sunny Li Sun


  1. Framing National Security Concerns in Mobile Telecommunication Infrastructure Debates: A Text Mining Study of Huawei

Kenneth C. C. Yang and Yowei Kang


  1. Image of Ren Zhengfei: Model Entrepreneur or an Agent of State Power?

Matthias Niedenführ


  1. Conclusion: A High-Tech MNE in the Political Crossfire

Christoph Lattemann, Wenxian Zhang and Ilan Alon


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